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How to Join Opus Dei in Kenya

Opus Dei is a Roman Catholic organization of laymen and priests that was founded with the objective of re-establishing Christian ideals in society.

It is Latin for “Work of God”, and was founded in Spain in the year 1928, and started later in Kenya by 1958.

Its members hold positions in running universities, technical and agricultural training centers, schools, as well as publishing houses and hospitals.

In 2018, the total number of worldwide members of this organization were estimated to be over 95,000.

The different types of faithful memberships in the order of largest to smallest group are:

  • Supernumeraries
  • Numeraries
  • Numerary assistants
  • Associates
  • Priests
  • Cooperators

So, How Does One Become A Member Of Opus Dei In Kenya?

It is believed that the members receive individual callings or vocations.

Then the organization’s directors determine if the individual actually has the calling.

The following are the steps to be followed by someone interested in joining Opus Dei:

1. Freedom

The desire to join should come from within, meaning you cannot be selected randomly to join the prelature.

Each individual member asks to join after being certain that they have the calling.

Each individual chooses the type of faithful they intend to join depending on how much of themselves they are able to dedicate to the prelature.

2. Age

To join the prelature, one has to be at least 18 years of age.

However, teenagers as young as 14 and a half years can participate in the Opus Dei activities if they are interested in joining the organization.

3. Make a request

Once certain of the vocation, an individual makes a request in writing.

They can seek the assistance of their spiritual director before submitting the request to discern that their conviction is accurate.

4. Acceptance

The directors and authorities of the prelature decide if an individual is qualified to join the organization.

If accepted, the admission takes up to a minimum of 6 months.

Individuals are first incorporated temporarily. They can renew their membership annually.

There are two membership stages.

  • Oblation: This is the first stage. Within the first year from admission, members are incorporated temporarily into the prelature. It is renewable annually.
  • Fidelity: This stage takes place after an additional 5 years since joining the oblation stage. This is when the membership is made permanent unless an individual wishes to leave the prelature.

Opus Dei is governed by the Canon law of the Catholic Church.

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