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How to Join Kenya National Theatre

Otherwise known as “The Shrine”, Kenya National Theatre is the largest theatre in Kenya that was opened in early 1951.

It is a center that opens the door to many Kenyans looking to venture into a career in acting. This is where you get to market your acting skills and talent.

The space is used for rehearsals and as a staging for production for local and international performances.

If you feel that acting is your thing, here is how you can join the Kenya National Theatre.

Joining the Kenya National Theatre

Follow the Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating Kenya National Theatre on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or  Instagram). This is where they advertise upcoming auditions, which are carried out free of charge.

The adverts feature the role you will be auditioning for, as well as descriptions such as gender and age bracket.

You can also visit production houses around the Kenya National Theatre, such as Renegade Ventures, Aperture Africa Productions, Nairobi Performing Arts Studio, and Igiza Arts Production among others, to learn of upcoming auditions and apply.

In some cases, you will be required to carry two passport photos with you depending on which house you will be auditioning for.

At times, these auditions take place weekly and sometimes daily depending on the stage availability.

Once your application goes through and you are selected for a part, you will be invited to present a monologue or a piece.

There are two stages at the Kenya National Theatre where this can take place:

  • ‘Ukumbi Mdogo’(Small Auditorium)
  • ‘Ukumbi Kubwa’(Large/Main Auditorium-this is the theatre itself).

You will be contacted via call or email, and given the details of your audition date.

If your audition is successful, you will be oriented. During the rehearsals that’s when your skill and talent are really tested.

After completing the rehearsals, you will be invited for orientation and to sign a contract.

In the event you decide to change the production from stage to screen, you might be required to do other sets of auditions.

Kenya National Theatre Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 43031 Harry Thuku Rd, Nairobi

Phone: 0742 008 677

Email: [email protected]


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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