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How to Join a Football Academy for Free in Kenya

Many young talented Kenyan football enthusiasts dream of joining a football academy to nurture their talents.

However, the barrier between them and their dream is the need for more information about football academies and insufficient funds to pay registration and training fees.

The good news is that you can join a Kenyan football academy for free and develop your football skill to the best of your perfection.

Currently, most football academies in Kenya charge between KES.1, 500 and KES.2, 000 for registering new trainees and another KES.14, 000 for monthly training.

That amount is out of reach for many aspiring football academy trainees.

How to enroll for free

Free football academy enrollment is available at some of the academies.

For instance, Agape Volunteers Football Academy in Nairobi offers children free football coaching and guidance.

The academy has volunteer football coaches who provide free training to young football players.

To enroll, one needs to fill out personal details form and return it for processing.

Another option is to check for available free football academy enrollment that some academies sponsor occasionally.

These academies identify some of the most talented amateur footballers and enroll them for free.

Once the trainee has completed training and gets recruited by a reputable football club, the academy also comes to the limelight as many people seek to know where the football star got their training.

Another way to enroll for free is to look for a community-based football academy in rural areas.

For example, the Michael Olunga Football Academy (MOFA) in Homa Bay County partners with schools from the Lake Region to mentor talented young football players.

It targets mentees aged between 10 to 18 years.

The academy also offers scholarships to trainees to pursue academic interests as they continue to train at the academy.

Successful trainees from MOFA join MOFA FC, a football club owned by the academy that participates in the Kenya National League.

Age Bracket

Most free football academy enrollment opportunities in Kenya are available for young people aged 18 and below.

If you’re a young person seeking to join a football academy for free, you should start showcasing your skills early enough so the academies can consider enrolling you on time.

Generally speaking, the teenage is the best time to develop your football skills if you want to become a professional football player.

In sum, free football academy opportunities take work to come by in Kenya.

The football academies are few, and the majority, if not all, charge for their enrollment and training.

It takes a keen interest in sports news and other information to get wind of free football academy enrollment opportunities.

Reading newspapers, following football academy social media pages, and checking their websites increase the chances of identifying such opportunities when they arise.

These opportunities present life-changing career paths in sports, especially for young players from humble backgrounds who need a platform to showcase and nurture their talents.

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