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Davana Hotel Job Vacancies, Qualifications, And How To Apply

Davana is a 3-star hotel located in Sosian Estate, along Spine Road, Outer Ring Road, Nairobi, Kenya. It was launched on 22nd September, 2022.

They offer a friendly working environment for all their employees, while giving you some of the best compensation packages and salaries in the industry.

Working at Davana provides you with the opportunity to grow, and the staff come from a variety of backgrounds, all with different work experiences.

Anyone is welcome to apply for any of the available opportunities.

Davana Hotel Job Vacancies

Davana offers a variety of job opportunities, including:

  • Head of security
  • Accountant
  • Receptionist
  • Host/hostess
  • Head chef
  • Chef
  • Storekeeper
  • Procurement officer
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Housekeepers

Qualifications and Salary Range

Before you apply for any position at the hotel, it is important to ensure that you meet the requirements for eligibility.

To make your work easier, I have listed some of the eligibility criteria for various positions that may be available at the hotel.

I have also included salary range for every position to help you figure out the amount that you can expect from the position you may wish to apply for.  

PositionQualifications and skillsSalary range(per month)
Head of Security-Bachelor of arts in criminology & security studies
-2+ years experience
-High level of computer proficiency
Ksh 45,000-70,000
Accountant-Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or any other relative field
-At least 3 years experience in relevant field
-A minimum of one year experience in hospitality
-Computer proficiency
-Bookkeeping proficiency
Ksh 50,000-80,000
Receptionist-Diploma in secretarial
-Experience in secretarial work, office administration, or any related field
-Good communication skillsHigh computer proficiency
Ksh 25,000-30,000
Host/hostess-Familiarity with hotel etiquette
-Customer service experience in hospitality industry
-Proficiency in English and Swahili
-Good communication skills
Ksh 20,000‐25,000
Head chef-Degree/diploma in culinary arts from a reputable institution
-A minimum of 5 years experience in the same field
-HACCP and hygiene training
-Knowledge on food production methods
-Attention to details
Ksh 40,000‐60,000
Chef-Diploma or certificate in culinary arts, food production, or related field from a recognized institution
-Flexible time schedule
-At least two years experience in relative field
-Knowledge of local and international cuisines
Ksh 25,000‐35,000
Storekeeper-Diploma in logistics, purchasing and supply, or any other related field
-Computer proficiency
-Team player
-Good communication skills
-Well organized
-At least two years experience working as a storekeeper
Ksh 30,000‐35,000
Procurement officer-Degree or diploma in purchasing and logistics, purchasing and supply, supply chain management, or any other related field from a reputable institution
-2+ years of experience in a similar role
-Good negotiation skills
-Contract and supplier relationship management
Ksh 35,000‐55,000
Barista-Diploma/certificate in barista skills and coffee roasting
-Good communication skills
-Ability to work efficiently under pressure
-Experience working in a similar role
Ksh 20,000‐25,000
Bartender-Minimum of a highschool leaving certificate
-Certificate in bartending is an added advantage
-Ability to mix up cocktails
-Mixology skills
Ksh 20,000‐25,000
Housekeeper-Previous experience in housekeeping/cleaning
-Minimum of a high school certificate
-English and swahili proficiency
-Good communication skills
Ksh 15,000‐20,000


The salaries indicated are just estimates and may not reflect what exactly Davana hotel pay its employees.

However, they can act as guide of how much you can quote or request to be paid when called for an interview.

How to Apply

To apply for a job opportunity at Davana, just send your CV resume to [email protected].

Include a well written cover letter, brief but informative, and attach it with the CV.

Always include the role you are applying for as the subject of your email.

Make sure all your contact information on your resume is correct, and that the CV is up-to-date.

Davana regularly post any open vacancies on their website at https://thedavanahotel.co.ke, or on their Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/davanahotel.

Keep checking from time to time to keep tabs with positions that are available at any given time of the year as well as the application deadlines.

Remember that the most important thing when applying for a job is to have a passion for the desired role. So, even if you do not have much experience, feel free to submit a CV.

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