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Meru Love Messages: Here’s How to Express Love in Kimeru

Meru is an excellent tribe for men to marry and ladies to get married into.

The Meru people intermarry, marry from other tribes, and also get married in other tribes.

Love plays a significant role in Meru relationships, most culminating in marriages.

Communicating your feelings to your lover is crucial in creating strong bonds. 

Those who have married or dated from other tribes can attest that the language barrier is a concern.

However, no language is challenging to learn when you are in love and if you focus on learning how to speak it.

If you find yourself dating a lady or guy from Meru and barely know the Kimeru language, this guide will teach you the basics of expressing yourself. 

“I Love You”

  • I love you- Inkwendete
  • I love you too- Inkwendete Kinya Ni
  • I like you- Inkenagua Nigwe
  • You mean a lot to me- Wi Wa Gitumi Mono Kirini
  • I love you with all of my soul.-Nkwendete na Nkoro Yakwa Yonthe
  • I love you more each dayNdikwenda Nkuruki O Ntuku
  • I love you like crazyNkwendete Ngakurukia Kithimi
  • I love you passionately- Nkwendete Mono
  • I have a crush- Inkwigua Wendo
  • I love you forever- Nkwendete Igita Rionthe
  • I will always love youNgwakweda Igita Rionthe
  • You’re the love of my lifeIgwe Mwendwa Uturone Bwakwa
  • I love your smile- Impendete Uria Uthekaga
  • Will you marry me?- Ugetikira Kuya Mwekuru Wakwa?

 “I Miss You”

•           I miss youInkumisite, Inkwagite 

•           I miss you so muchInkumisite Mono, Inkwagite Mono

•           I miss you too- Inkumisite Kinya Nii, Inkwagite Kinya Nii

•           Do you miss me?- Numisite?, Numbagite?

•           I can’t wait to see you again- Mbetereetu Gukwona Kairi Rua

•           I’m waiting for youIngweterete

  • I can’t wait to hold you in my hands again- Mbetereete Kugukambatira Njarene Ciakwa

Terms of Endearment

•           My love- Mwendwa Wakwa

•           My baby- Mwendwa Wakwa, Mbebi

•           My angelMalaika Jakwa

•           My dear (feminine form)Murembo Wakwa

•           My dear (masculine form)- Munyanya Okwa

•           Honey- Switii 

•           Sugar- Switii, Gasukari

•           SweetheartSwitii

•           My RibRubaru Rwakwa

Meru Love Quotes & Phrases

•           You are the man/woman of my dreams.Igwe Murume/Muka Uria Ndotaga

•           You make me so happy- Unkenagia Mono

•           You’re the joy of my life- Nigwe Gikeno Uturone Bwakwa

•           You are pretty- Uri Umuthongi

•           You have beautiful eyesWina Metho Jamathongi

•           You make me happy- Nunkenagia

•           I always think of you- Nkuthuganairia Igita Rionthe

•           I am crazy about you- Nwendete Gukurukia Kithimi

•           Without you, I am nothing Uni Ti Gintu Ntinagwe

•           You mean a lot to me- Uri Wa Gitumi Mono Kirini

•           You make me stupid- Utumaga Nkaya Kiaa

•           I experienced love at first sight- Ndaigirue Ndakwenda Igita Ria Mbere Gukwona

•           Would you like to go out with me?- Wenda Ngwikia Kuriunga? 

•           I would love to invite you to dinnerNinkwenda Gukugwata Ugeni Turijanira

•           I would love to spend more time with you– Ninkwenda Gukara Nagwe Mathaa Jamaingi

•           Kiss me- Ncunca

•           Hug me- Nkumbatira

  • Hug me tightNkumbatira Nainya
  • Let’s DanceTukinye Rwimbo

Other Romantic Meru Words

•           Love- Rwendo

•           Hug Nkumbatiro

•           St. Valentine’s DayNtuku ya Rwendo

•           Flowers- Maua

•           CandyNtaamu, Nderemende, Nteremente

•           JewelryMikathi (necklace), Bangiri (bangles), Mina (earrings)

•           Perfume-Pafiumu”

•           Engagement- Ruracio

•           Engagement ring- Mbete ya Ruracio

•           Wedding Murano

•           MarriageNgurano

•           Honeymoon– “Hanimoon.”

•           HusbandMukuru Wakwa

•           Wife– Mwekuru Wakwa

•           Fiancé- Mwiiru

•           Lover- Mwendwa

•           Boyfriend- Munyanya

•           Girlfriend- Gacungwa 

•           To dateKugambania

•           To get married- Kugurwa/Kugurana

•           Love at first sightRwendo Rwa Gucemania Ria Mbere/Wendo bwa Icemania Ria Mbere

•           First love- Mwendwa Wakwa wa Mbere

•           Madly in love- Rwendo Rukurukitie Kithimi/Wendo Bukurukite Kithimi

•           True loveRwendo Rwama/Wendo Bwama

•           Love of my lifeMwendwa Wakwa wa Uturo

That sums up the Meru people’s love language.

It is important to note that nowadays, people barely express their feelings or love in their mother tongue because times have changed, and education has revolutionized how people interact.

You will find most couples, mainly the young from the same tribe, hardly expressing love to each other in their ethnic language.

Most prefer using English or Swahili to some extent. Some will mix a little bit of their mother tongue with Swahili or English.

The influence of songs, western films, and lifestyle has influenced how people communicate with their loved ones, and Meru is not an exception.

That doesn’t mean people should abandon their language because it is their identity wherever they go. 

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