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Breaking Down the Deputy County Commissioner Salary in Kenya: How Much Do They Really Earn?

After the implementation of the current Kenyan Constitution in 2010, the regions that were previously called districts were renamed to sub-counties.

Additionally, the officials heading these districts were no longer called District Commissioners (D.C.) but Deputy County Commissioners.

Their Roles and Responsibilities

Although each county is governed by a Governor elected by the county’s electorate, the National government also appoints a County Commissioner to represent it.

Therefore, a D.C.C (Deputy County Commissioner) acts as the County Commissioner’s assistant.

Their responsibilities include;

  • Support their respective County Commissioners by helping them formulate, coordinate, and execute the desired county objectives and projects.
  • Act as the County Commissioner’s representative in open forums, plan public outreach activities, or evaluate and approve contracts.
  • In charge of daily administrative tasks concerning their sub-county.

Salaries and Allowances of Deputy County Commissioner in Kenya

According to the Salaries and Remunerations Commission, (the body in charge of setting the wages), salaries and allowances of all civil servants in Kenya, including Deputy County Commissioners, are in the D4 job group.

The job group D4 applies to professional civil servants at the middle or high management levels, and their monthly salary ranges from Ksh.132, 178 to 174,425.

They also receive several monthly allowances whose exact rate depends on their specific sub-county conditions.

These include;

  • House allowance: Ksh.2,250-80,000
  • Hardship allowance: Ksh.2,800-60,000
  •  Commuter/transport allowance: Ksh. 3000-25,000.

Net Pay

Medical and risk allowance figures are not available since S.R.C. determines the specific amount to pay each D.C.C. after assessing various conditions related to their work environment.

Therefore, the table below won’t include allowances as they are not constant.

I will use the highest amount in their job group, Ksh.174, 425 to estimate their monthly net pay

So, it’s essential to note that this is not their exact pay but an estimate.

Gross Pay 174,425
Taxable Income 171,645
PAYE 44,710.85
Net Pay 126,934.15

Educational and Professional Requirements

All D.C.C. are employed by the country’s Public service Commission of Kenya (PSCK) for a 3-year contract, subject to renewal or cancellation, depending on the office holder’s performance.

To qualify for this job position, the PSCK requires all potential candidates to meet these educational and professional requirements;

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in public administration, business management, political science, or a closely connected discipline.
  • At least 5 years of management experience in county or national government departments. 

What about their seniors—county commissioners? How much do they earn?

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