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County Commissioner Salary in Kenya: See How Much a County Commissioner Earns in Kenya

County commissioners are an integral part of the Kenyan government’s administrative structure.

They are responsible for managing the affairs of counties and implementing government policies at the grassroots level.

Despite their crucial role, the compensation of county commissioners remains a topic of interest and controversy in Kenya.

To keep you updated, here is a quick overview of the county commissioner salary in Kenya:

Role, Education Requirements & Appointing Authority

County Commissioners in Kenya play a crucial role in ensuring the security of government property and assets.

Some of their main responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate national government functions and delivery of services
  • Manage security and ensure the safety of government property and assets
  • Facilitate conflict management and peace-building efforts
  • Foster collaboration and partnership between the National Government and County Government
  • Coordinate disaster management and emergency response efforts
  • Promote citizen participation in the development of national government policies and programs

County Commissioners are appointed by the President or the Cabinet Secretary in charge of national coordination, as outlined in the National Coordination Act of 2013.

To become a County Commissioner, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in a social science field or possess a qualification from a university recognized in Kenyan.

Salaries for County Commissioners in Kenya

The salary of County Commissioners in Kenya is determined by their job group, which is based on their qualifications and experience.

For instance, a County Commissioner in job group ‘R’ can expect to earn a salary between Ksh. 110,000 and Ksh. 145,000.

So, the salary range takes into account various factors, such as job responsibilities, level of experience, and academic qualifications.

It is important to note that County Commissioners’ salaries may vary depending on the specific county they serve in and any additional benefits or allowances they may be entitled to.

Let’s break it down a bit…

Job groups are basically classes created by Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) based on job objectives, skill set, certification requirement, and education.

SRC lists the minimum basic salary per month for each group and can review the amount from time to time. There are job groups A all the way to T (see the table below)

GroupBasic monthly salary in KES

Hopefully, you now understand by what I meant by “County Commissioner in job group ‘R’ can expect to earn a salary between Ksh. 110,000 and Ksh. 145,000.”


Let’s now move to allowances…

Benefits Packages (or Allowances) for County Commissioners in Kenya

Public servants are typically entitled to a basic salary, as well as additional allowances such as a house allowance and commuter allowance.

The specific allowances offered may vary depending on location, assigned duties and responsibilities.

 In some cases, for instance, public servants may be eligible for additional allowances such as hardship or risk allowances, which are provided to compensate for cost of living in areas that one works and the additional risks associated with certain job roles.

If a country commissioner falls in the job group R (that I mentioned above), here are some of the allowances that he/she is entitled to:

•             House Allowance: KES 20,000-50,000 (Depending on location or clusters (1-4))

•             Hardship allowance: KES. 38,100

•             Per Diem: KES 8,400-14,000 (depending on the location or clusters)

NOTE: Per Diem allowances are given to people who travel for job-related reasons and is usually given to cover for expenditures for one day.

This means that if he a country commissioner travels more (albeit for work-related relations), his total per Diem will be on the higher side.

Other allowances:

•             Leave allowance: Given once in a year

•             Monthly commuter allowance: KES 3000-25000 depending on the job group.

•             Disability Allowance: If the commissioner is disabled

•             Special allowance: For commissioners working in special areas. 

As national and state governments delegate additional responsibilities to county-level administrations, the role of County Commissioners in Kenya will become increasingly multifaceted.

This is especially true as the population continues to grow, requiring the development and implementation of new rules, regulations, and strategic plans.

But as we have seen above, country commissioner salary in Kenya is fair and reasonable enough.

If anything, the role of a County Commissioner presents a valuable opportunity to collaborate closely with local residents and contribute to the growth and development of the county.

All in all, with the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of citizens and the community as a whole, the role of a County Commissioner is a position of great importance and responsibility.

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