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11 Black YouTube Couples to Follow Right Now

YouTube videos are quite entertaining, especially the ones with couples pranking each other. The videos are even better with influencers who are couples in real life. These YouTubers are cute and creative; plus, they share their lives with their subscribers.

Most of these YouTube couples are quite transparent and they entertain us with the good and bad things about their lives. They show us how they navigate adventures, challenges, and keep their relationship exciting.

So, in this article, we’ll explore the 11 best black YouTube couples that you should follow in 2024.

1. Funny Mike and Jaliyah

Subscribers: 11.6M+

Funny Mike and Jaliyah are known for their humorous sketches that have entertained us for years. MacArthur Johnson, AKA Funny Mike, runs two YouTube channels, one for his family and the other for himself.

Mike has over 7 million Instagram followers and his boundless talent is complemented by his better-half, Jaliyah. Jaliyah is equally talented and just like Funny Mike, she also has her own channel with over 11 million subscribers.

2. Will and Liv

Subscribers: 2.4M+

Another cute couple that entertains us with some pranks is Liv and Will. Will Got and Olivia Gold have managed the Goldjuice channel for a couple of years and have over 2.4 million subscribers.

Will became famous when he was only 17 years old, thanks to his unique dance moves and profanity-free raps. Together they share some of the highlights of their lives with us. Liv has another channel where she shares beauty tutorials and product reviews.

3. Riss and Quan

Subscribers: 3.17M+

Rissa G shares a popular YouTube channel with her boyfriend Quan where they share pranks, challenges, and personal videos. The couple have a child and they have garnered about 3 million subscribers.

Their videos have been viewed over 280 million times over the years. The couple got engaged in 2022 and folks believe they had a secret wedding in 2023.

4. Dwayne and Jasmine

Subscribers: 2.44M+

Dwayne and Jasmine have been entertaining us for the last 7 years. The couple’s channel was previously known as CouplesReacts, but they changed its name to Dwayne N Jazz. These gaming YouTubers have over 2.44 million subscribers. They have uploaded over 3,930 videos with a total of about 1,454,268,883 views.

5. Brian and Lateria

Subscribers: 486K

This interesting channel features high school sweethearts who challenge and prank each other. They also record the story times and upload them on their YouTube channel. The couple have 224 videos that have garnered 42,374,409 views. Currently, they have over 486,000 subscribers.

6. Brittney and Dorrie

Subscribers: 18.8K+

Our list would be incomplete without introducing you to Brittney and Dorrie. The married lesbian couple are energetic, silly and fun; in fact, their love will provide you with a great escape from the typical YouTube couple channels. 

Other than jokes and pranks, Brittney and Dorrie share their life with us. The couple has produced over 576 videos that have garnered over 4 million views.

7. Zach and Ashley

Subscribers: 55.6K+

If you’re tired of watching couples prank each other then you should subscribe to Zach and Ashley. This couple share a better part of their life while traveling the world. 

Unlike most channels they do have real conversations. Currently, they have 154 videos with over 2 million views, so you have more than enough videos to enjoy.

8. Qui and Ken Vlogs

Subscribers: 217K+

Another beautiful couple that love playing prank on each other are Qui and Ken. Some of their unique videos include challenges like unhealthy vs. healthy food and cold vs. hot food challenges. They also share their experience surviving things like winter storm.

9. Lucas and Amber

Subscribers: 287K+

Amber and Lucas are known for doing everything possible to drive each other crazy. Other than pranks, this channel also has some reviews with one of funny ones being a cookie review. The couple has 54 videos that have earned them over 12 million views. 

10. Cam and Nie

Subscribers: 1.39M+

Another lifestyle vlog that you’ll enjoy is the Cam and Nie vlogs which features their small family lifestyle. The videos are real and raw with them raising their child while pranking each other. The family has uploaded over 619 videos that have attracted over 170 million views.

11. Janae and Derrick

Subscribers: 816K+

The Shorts Family has been together for over 10 years and created content together for about 7 years. Janae and Derrick love spreading awareness of positivity and love. Like most YouTube couples, they share their life with us while pranking each other. 

The Shorts family even shares their pregnancy journey with their viewers.  The family has 546 videos that you can enjoy while following their life together. 

Other Recommended YouTube Channels:

If you love couple YouTube channels, then you should try the above popular options. These black couple YouTubers entertains us with pranks and skits. You can even get to go on holiday with them, thanks to their many adventure videos. 

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