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When there is No Enemy Within, The Enemy outside Can Do You no Harm

The proverb When There Is No Enemy Within, The Enemy outside Can Do You No Harm is synonymous with many African societies.  Even though it’s a common proverb, it has a deeper meaning that speaks to everyone in the general African society.

There have been many attempts to translate and interpret this proverb for ease of understanding by various people, especially in modern times. While some of these loose translations align with the deeper meaning of the proverb, others are completely off.

One meaning that is often seen as the best interpretation of the proverb is that human beings can be their own greatest enemies.  Humans are filled with fear, doubt, and insecurity among others.  These internal weaknesses form the basis of the failure of many people.

If only humans can successfully confront and overcome these weaknesses, they can face any challenge that comes their way and finish well.

The proverb further advises people to build confidence and work on their inner well-being.  It is only by so doing that most people can position themselves strategically for success.

Challenges are common in life and can come at any given time to anyone.  However, the strong have the ability to withstand these challenges or even repel them, while the weak crumble at the first blow.

Therefore, people who work on their inner beings to become strong enough can handle any challenge that comes their way with ease. The challenges might not be easy to battle but with hope and dedication, so much can be accomplished.

Fighting against personal weaknesses is therefore seen as the best place to start for people who want to succeed in life by overcoming great obstacles that come along with this vital pursuit.

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