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13 Black Roblox Youtubers You Should Be Watching

2006 marked a special year when Roblox was launched, garnering a massive following.

Many gamers find it fun and a great way to express creative prowess.

Gamers get to express their creativity when playing the game by creating unique game worlds.

Here, you can add navigational tools, weapons, structures, and so on.

There are some challenging aspects of Roblox, hence the need for Youtubers.

1. GamingWithKev

Subscribers: 12M+

Staring at the list of black Roblox Youtubers is the famous GamingWithKev. Kevin Lee Edwards is the brains behind GamingWithKev. He consistently uploads Roblox gameplay, plus NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto. He started posting Mortal Kombat gameplay on YouTube in 2015 and progressed to Roblox. GamingWithKev features hilarious Roblox videos garnering over 5 billion views and 12.4 million subscribers.

2. Tropical. vibezz

Subscribers: 290K+

A list of black Roblox Youtubers isn’t complete without mentioning Tropical. vibezz. Currently, Tropical. vibezz has 290000 subscribers on YouTube and has posted 2.9K videos. The creator has a passion for making Adopt Me trading videos on Roblox. They do the trades of neon legendary pets and mega neon adopt me pets.

3. TedwaTeddySIM

Subscribers: 360K+

TedwaTeddySIM loves Roblox and many more games that are super fun. He aims to have loads of fun while providing entertaining videos for everyone. He has 360K subscribers on YouTube, has posted 279 videos, and boasts 70,398,535 views. TedwaTeddySIM is based in the US.

4. ProjectSupreme

Subscribers: 1.29M+

Yada Israel, aka ProjectSupreme, is another fast-rising black Roblox gamer who posts frequently on YouTube. He’s 23 years old and on his way to making history among Roblox lovers.

ProjectSupreme, or Yada Israel, is located in the US and has 1.79 million subscribers on YouTube. So far, he’s posted 1.3K videos and had 208 million views. Find him also on other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and X.

5. JonesGotGame

Subscribers: 1.16M+

Check out another popular black Roblox Youtuber known as JonesGotGame. His posts are always entertaining and range across different intriguing topics. JonesGotGame has 1.16 million subscribers and has posted 1.1K videos. That has garnered him 246 million views on YouTube.

6. Anxais

Subscribers: 20.5K+

Up-and-coming Roblox family roleplay features Anxais. Her role play includes ‘family Halloween costumes, moving into our new house, and we snuck into a haunted house.’ All her videos are intriguing and take viewers on a journey.

Anxais has posted 199 videos, garnering 2.6 million views. She also has 20.5K subscribers on YouTube. Subscribe to her channel for more entertaining content in 2024.

7. Black Roblox Gamer

Subscribers: 2.2K+

Check out the ‘Black Roblox Gamer’ channel on YouTube for balloon fights, favorite games, and other exciting content. The Black Roblox Gamer has a growing channel that now has 2.2K subscribers. They’ve posted 231 videos with 14K views. The channel is relatively new, having started in 2021, and there’s room for growth with more entertaining content.

8. LifewithB

Subscribers: 7.3K+

Ladies are no strangers to Roblox creating amazing content for YouTube. Another black Roblox Youtuber to follow is LifewithB. Her account is still growing, having 7.3K subscribers after posting 11 videos. LifewithB features ‘How to be a ro-gangster, Roblox hair combo, among others.

9. Alysskai

Subscribers: 43.1K+

Alysskai’s fun YouTube channel features the best of Roblox. She’s posted 110 videos and has 43.1K subscribers. Interesting videos include ‘Christmas Special, Cozy Fall Night Routine, and We Moved into Our New House.’ So far. Alysskai has 3.4 million views.

10. AllStar

Subscribers: 1.53M+

There’s no shortage of massive Roblox Youtubers who continue to post exciting content. Ensure to add AllStar to the list of the best Roblox Youtubers since his channel has 1.57 million subscribers. AllStar has posted 785 videos, including ‘My Neighbor is a Clone’ and ‘Playing Doors with My Toxic Girlfriend.’ His goal is to live, laugh, and love, and so far has 599 million views.

11. It’s Akeila

Subscribers: 7.3K+

It’s Akeila, a rising Roblox Youtuber, has 1.16 million subscribers. She’s posted 477 videos, including ‘Toddler has an Asthma attack’ and ‘Thanksgiving at Grandma’s farm’. It’s Akeila’s videos have more than 220 million views.

12. Aniyahxsa

Subscribers: 36.3K+

Aniyahxsa is among the top female Roblox Youtubers and an inspiration to women aspiring to join. She’s the CEO of Aniyahxsa and also posts Bloxburg roleplays. She’s had 3.3 million views after posting 100 videos. Aniyahxsa also has 36.3K subscribers on YouTube.

13. So1oKeii

Subscribers: 216K+

Last on the list of 2024 black Roblox Youtubers to check out is So1oKeii. His YouTube profile reads, ‘A appreciate all of the support… Stay frosty.’

So1oKeii has 216,468 views on his YouTube channel and is based in the US. He has 419 subscribers, and so far, he has posted 180 videos. Get ready for loads of fun and expressive plays.

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