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7 Black Commentary YouTubers to Follow In 2024

Commentary YouTubers need to be creative to capture the viewers’ minds and add a juicy layer of opinions on some issues. The videos are educational and undergo in-depth research on the topic of discussion to keep the viewers informed.

From racism, pop music, comedy, lifestyle, gaming and the like, name it, and you’ll find a commentary YouTuber on nearly any niche on YouTube. 

Below are the top 7 black commentary Youtubers that are reaping big on YouTube: 

1. D’Angelo Wallace


D’Angelo Wallace is a famous commentary YouTuber who does all sorts of things, including Elon Musk, who airs live every Saturday night, racism, smart masks, and pop culture. D’Angelo does in-depth research on these topics and pulls different opinions, making everything look entertaining and funny. 

2. Franchesca Ramsey 

Franchesca quickly climbed the YouTube ladder as a commentary YouTuber, specifically on racial and cultural issues. One of her videos that went viral was what shit white girls say to black girls which led to various interviews even with the mega broadcaster BBC. 

Franchesca has built her career as a producer, performer, and writer. She is also a coach and YouTube commentator on social matters. 

3. Kat Blaque 

Kat Blaque is a black American commentary YouTuber known for her social commentary on LGBTQ+ issues. She started blogging in December 2010, capturing matters related to race, gender and social justice. She has a weekly YouTube series, ‘True Tea’, where she answers viewers’ questions on transphobia, black culture, and racism, among other issues. 

4. Akilah Hughes 

Akilah Hughes is a commentary YouTube sensation who rose the ladders as a millennial. She is known for her social media humour and witty commentary on current and trending matters, and she is also a writer. 

Her video ‘Meet Your Black Girlfriend’ went viral overnight, and she used humour to unpack such a sensitive topic. Later, she became an explainer of intersectional feminism and incisive news commentary. 

5. Khadi Don 

Khadi was born on April 4, 1996, and she is an American social media comedian famous for her voiceover of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Rihanna, which went viral. 

She started making videos grounded in her room that captured a large base of followers. One of her viral videos, ‘Who’s That Girl’, gave her the limelight of a huge viewer base. 

6. Denzel Dion

Denzel Dion is dominating YouTube like never before, focusing on lifestyle and comedy commentary. The Ghanaian-American commentary YouTuber is known for dishing out pop culture critiques. His hilarious, savage YouTube uploads rapidly made him viral, surging over millions of subscribers. 

7. Zach Campbell 

Zach Campbell is a YouTube commentator known for his criticism of pop culture. He asked the lecturer to excuse him in class and went to the dorm to watch a Lady Gaga music video.

Zach uploaded a video on the critic on the pop song, and within a night, it had gained 200,000 viewers. This saw him climb the ladder quicker than he thought, and he’s now reaping big as a pop critic commentary YouTuber. 

Other Recommended YouTube Channels:

Above are seven black commentary YouTubers who are making it big in the field. They drive many followers who want to keep up with the current trending news. Choose the niche you wish and subscribe to their YouTube channel to experience more fun and laughter.

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