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Why Does Kyra on Reba Walk Funny?

Kyra Hart was a character in Reba, a WB Network TV Show she joined aged 13.

Before being cast on the Reba show, she had played roles as Naomi Wildman on Star Trek: Voyager, and made appearances in The Baby-Sitters Club and The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Her real name is Scarlett Pomers. She played the daughter of Reba and Brock Hart, and her character won many hearts.

However, while Kyra showed a strong and sassy character on the show, she was battling her own demons off-screen.

She joins a list of other young TV stars who underwent personal challenges following the need to keep up with a certain image for their audience.

Kyra’s cast mates noticed a significant physical change at the start of shooting season 5 of the show and were worried about their colleague.

When the two episodes of Reba season 5 went on air, viewers had noticed that Kyra was a shadow of her former self since she had lost significant weight.

 It turned out she was battling Anorexia Nervosa, a health condition characterized by massive weight loss.

Kyra’s walking style had also changed, leaving many viewers concerned about her wellbeing.

It turned out she was battling Anorexia Nervosa, a health condition characterized by massive weight loss, also the reason why she had acquired a funny walking style.

The condition affects the victim’s gait, making them walk in a peculiar way.

Kyra Hart’s Battle with Anorexia Nervosa

Kyra Hart was very conscious about her physical appearance in her teenage years.

As the Reba seasons progressed, she grew more considerate about her image, which almost took a tragic turn after she lost a record 33lbs, translating to 15kgs.

Her 2005 significant weight loss left her weighing a paltry 33kgs, which is a red flag for someone almost entering adulthood.

Kyra had apparently overindulged during one of the holidays and was on a mission to drop off excessive calories in preparation for the 5th season of Reba shooting.

Even after meeting her target in calories shedding, she continued exercising in secret not realizing that her actions would reflect on the outside for everyone to see.

Besides losing weight, Kyra had also grown quiet and distanced, which was a contrast of her outspoken personality.

Eventually, her mother took note of her struggles and booked her a nutritionist, therapist, and doctor to evaluate her condition.

To get her health back on track, Kyra bowed out from filming Reba season 5 in 2005 and checked into a treatment center.

Reba show enthusiasts noticed her absence in season 5 and began asking questions.

Kyra decided to go public with her Anorexia Nervosa condition to encourage young people and other individuals battling the condition in silence and secrecy to seek help.

She also mentioned how her friends and family were vital in helping her overcome her fears and regain body confidence.

All was not lost for Reba and Kyra fans because she made it out of rehab facility in time to reappear in the show’s final season.

What Does Kyra on Reba Do Now?

It is natural for viewers to want to keep up with their favorite actors’ lives after the shows end or get canceled.

If you just caught up with Reba on different streaming platforms or are doing a rewatch and wondering what Kyra is up to, she dropped acting and chose a different path.

Many viewers and her fans were caught in surprise when she announced that she wouldn’t continue acting after Reba ended.

She was a talented actor who showed promise of delivering different roles, but her decision had to be respected.

So, what is Kyra up to now?

Kyra decided to pursue music and photography, and she is doing well in both.

Musically, Kyra established a band identified after her first name, Scarlett, and went on to drop her debut music project, Insane, in 2010.

On the other hand, her photography has enabled her to collaborate with brands like Retroscope Fashions and AntiSweden.

Away from her music and photography, Kyra advocates for healthy eating through her ambassadorial position at National Eating Disorder Association.

She also runs Arch Angels, a foundation she started to help people who cannot afford treating eating disorders.

Why Was Reba Canceled?

Reba had a successful run from 2001 to 2007, airing six seasons and a total of 127 episodes.

However, it was nearly canceled after season 5 to pave the way for a new show, but was given a go-ahead for one last season.

It was officially canceled after WB Network merged with UPN to form The CW.

Rumors have been swirling online about a possible reboot of the sitcom, following recent high-demand of past series reboots from loyal viewers.

Its former cast, Reba and Melissa, reunited in a 2023 movie, awakening fan’s enthusiasm for a Reba TV special or movie for the sake of the good old days.

Reba enthusiasts are hopeful that the cast will reunite for something special and until then, they can enjoy reruns on Hulu, Hallmark Channel, or buy the show digitally from Amazon and Vudu.

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