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10 Professions That Make the Best Husbands

Choosing a suitable marriage mate is crucial in ensuring, not only a secure future but also a happy home.

 Most people focus on certain physical attributes, which are cemented by their personality and qualities.

What we tend to forget is the fact that a person’s profession can tell you a lot more about them than what you would uncover spending time with them.

Today we’ll focus on men.

A man’s profession affects his way of thinking, way of acting, and especially how he treats women.

It will also tell you what time to expect him home and how much time he will have for you and your family.

The following professions, in my own perspective and according to relationship experts, make the best husbands.

You will notice that I only focus on the qualities perfected by each profession, not the salary factor.

In marriage, it reaches a point where all the money your husband brings to the table and the lavish lifestyle cannot make a happy home, and all that’s left is the love you share and how you treat each other.

1. Doctors

A doctor’s career is simply built on catering to and caring for patients.

 They listen attentively as they explain their issues in order to get their full health information.

As women, we like a man who will always listen as we express ourselves.

Men are wired to give solutions, and so at times the moment we start talking, instead of paying attention, they are busy coming up with ways to help and cutting us short to offer the solutions.

 It’s no wonder John Gray refers to husbands as “Mr. Fix It.”

Having a doctor for a husband means he will always listen.

He will also cater to your needs, both emotional and physical.

And you can be assured that your health will always be in check, which is an added bonus.

2. Engineers

Engineers are known for their commitment and intellect.

They know how to analyze a situation and use the right approach to try and fix it.

Though comprising of the largest number of ‘Mr. Fix It’, engineers are very good listeners, as they take time to determine where the problem really lies.

They don’t believe in non-solvable scenarios.

An engineer husband will do all he can to make your marriage work, and you can count on him to be loyal, rational, and a planner.

3. Lawyers

Lawyers understand law more than any other professionals, so they are very careful on how they treat others, especially their spouses.

They know the consequences of each action, and so they strive to keep their wives happy.

They are knowledgeable, so you will never run out of things to talk about in the house.

They are also very good at solving problems that need solving.

And who wouldn’t want to have a legal representative added to their family?

One downside though is that you will never win in an argument.

4. Teachers

Marrying a teacher can be a beautiful thing, especially if he is a few years older than you.

 They deal with different kinds of students every day, which makes them patient, mild-tempered, and forgiving.

So, you can rest assured that your husband is not going to just storm out every time you have an argument.

They are gentle, loving, and very caring.

A teacher’s experience with younger ones makes him a very good father, and with his work schedule, he will always have enough time to spend with you and your kids.

5. Accountants

Accountants are known to be reliable and trustworthy.

We all can agree that marrying a man you can always rely on is the most beautiful thing.

And given the nature of the work they engage in every day of balancing accounts, they understand the ‘give to receive’ aspect of life better than anybody else.

And so you can trust that in your marriage, he will always treat you exactly how he wants you to treat him.

6. Chef

It’s been said that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

A chef is never afraid to help around the kitchen, a place traditionally said to be only for women.

Once you marry a husband who is a chef, you don’t worry about the kids when running late from work and squeezing your way through traffic.

They are also very good at reaching your heart, and will always make an effort to keep you happy.

7. Entrepreneurs

Aside from being his own boss, a businessman understands the need to keep pushing to make things work out.

This profession is not for quitters. Imagine having a husband who doesn’t just quit!

An entrepreneur will always seek out other alternatives to sort out your issues in order to cement the foundation of your marriage.

He will not invest in something only to just let it end without having ‘broken a sweat’ for it.

Being self-employed also means he will always have time for his family.

8. Writers & Authors

One thing I love about writers is that they are not afraid to be vulnerable, a trait that’s not so common in men.

They have a high rate of perseverance having been used to rejections in their field of work.

They are also very good at expressing themselves, romantic and passionate.

 Everything about them has depth. They know the language to the heart, and so whenever an argument erupts, they will be sure to reach that soft spot.

Since most writers and authors work from home, you will always have some time to spend together.

9. Architects

Architects are very good at noticing the tiniest details, which is equally transferred to their displays of affection toward you.

They are always punctual, so you can bet they’ll be home exactly when they say they will.

Since this is a very complex profession, most architects tend to be perfectionists.

While this might be hard to deal with at times, the fact that they want everything around them to be perfect means they will put in a lot of work, doing whatever is necessary to make their marriage perfect as well.

10. Scientists

Most scientists are said to be nerds.

They throw themselves into work, doing research, making inventions, writing, and publishing science papers.

If TV has taught us anything about men in this field, it is their unique ability to de-stress themselves through their love for games and books.

They will always present to you a genuine better version of themselves.

Their profession also makes them very keen and observant. This comes in handy in marriage since many are times when we just want our husbands to notice that we are not okay without us having to say it.

Their perception will make you feel more understood and cared for.

Closing Thoughts

There are other professions that make good husbands, but require a bit of compromise.

For instance, CEOs make very fine husbands, but you will have to deal with late night meetings and workloads, as well as business trips. 

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