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Yoruba Names That Sound English

Choosing a name with meanings from various cultures around the world can be truly beautiful.

A cultural baby name goes beyond mere denotations; it becomes a symbol of inclusiveness and universality.

Opting for a name from your family’s heritage can also be a wonderful way to honor your union and the creation of your new family.

Yoruba names, in particular, hold a rich history, culture, and significance stemming from a place renowned for its folk beliefs, cultural philosophy, and folklore.

The Yoruba people are one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups, with approximately 40 million individuals spread worldwide.

This ancient and proud culture boasts a dynamic history that soon-to-be parents can embrace by selecting meaningful Yoruba baby names that reflect the traditions of this Nigerian ethnic group.

Among the plethora of fascinating Yoruba names, we will focus on those that resemble English words in writing but may have a distinct pronunciation.

OreAlly or friend
ShadeHonor earns crown
DesireAppeared in goodness
KolaBrings wealth
WaleA person who returns to God
AkinBrave, Warrior, strong, or the violent one
AleThe tough one
DupeI am grateful or Thank you
JadeGo out into wealth
DareDo good
JokeTo be taken care of by all
BadeA traditional state in Yobe State
AweBathed in beauty or the beautiful one
BimboBorn in wealth
AweThe slim one
BereFirst daughter of the family
BummiGift of God
BabaFather or grandfather
YeAbbreviated form of Iya; mother or grandmother
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