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40+ Cool Scorpio Pick Up Lines to Ignite Passionate Connections with Your Crush

When it comes to dating, there’s a whole universe of information to explore about someone new.

From their hometown to their profession, every detail helps paint a picture of their personality.

But one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is their zodiac sign.

Delving into the world of astrology can offer intriguing insights into their behavior, pet peeves, best traits, worst traits, and even their dating patterns.

And if you find yourself swooning, Instagram sleuthing (we’ve all been there), or just fantasizing over a Scorpio lady, get ready to unlock the mysteries of one of the most enigmatic signs in the zodiac.

To help you out, here are some pick-up lines you can leverage to flatter your Scorpio love interest:

Hint: Scorpios are known to be magnetic, intense, charming and hot. They appreciate dark humors, so do not be afraid to throw some dark pickup lines. Scorpios are also genuine people, so the pickup lines should be relatable and real.

  • Is that the Scorpio spell? I am already charmed.
  • I can’t help it. The scorpion sting has already dazed me.
  • I need a map before I get lost in the intensity of your eyes.
  • How do I get you? You keep escaping like a scorpion in the sand.
  • The mystery in your eyes keeps drawing me near every time I try to look away.
  • Rescue me. I am sinking in the depth of your intensity
  • Are you my true North? I keep coming back to you.
  • Poison me with your sting, it is the sweetest poison
  • I am dizzy. You keep taking me in waves.
  • I don’t need rescuing. I am caught up in your love web
  • Do you have a magnet? Your keep drawing me coming back to you.
  • Your charm will make me your prisoner for life
  • You are hot, I hope you will leave me unscathed
  • Trap me in your web, I want to be your captive forever.
  • Burrow me with you in the depth of your love.
  • Is that the Scorpio magnet? Irresistible and mysterious
  • Let’s get lost together in the depth of your eyes
  • Is it getting hot in here or is it the fire in your eyes?
  • Do we need a fire extinguisher or do we let this fire burn us?
  • Drown me in the depth in your eyes
  • Is that the scorpion sting? My heart is racing
  • Is your scorpion your sun sign? You are illuminating my world.
  • I am engulfed by your web, you are taking my breathe away
  • You sting has injected me with the love poison
  • Is that the Scorpio magnetism? You keep drawing me closer
  • Your mystery keeps me stuck in your presence.
  • I am enchanted deep in your web of love.
  • What are you hiding behind those deep enchanting eyes?
  • Your gaze keeps me locked and frozen in your presence.
  • I need to uncover that mask over some drinks this weekend
  • You just created a hole in my heart with those piercing eyes.
  • Quench the fire that you have ignited in my heart with your mysterious gaze
  •  Is that the Scorpio magic, you keep appearing and disappearing
  • Your sting has intoxicated me, I keep falling for you
  • Take me on an adventure in your sea of love
  • I am a prisoner in your web of love, there is no escaping
  • I am enchanted, your spell keeps drawing back me back to you.
  • I am blinded by your charm, I cannot see anyone else but you.
  • You are hot, but it is the fire in your eyes that keeps me burning.
  • I don’t need rescuing, I am trapped by your intensity.

I want to dive deep in the ocean of love as long as I am with you

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