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All About Patricia Allison, the “Sex Education” Star & Actress

Patricia Allison is a British-born Kenyan actress. Known for her role as Ola Nyman in the Netflix series, Sex Education, Patricia Allison has gained more recognition in recent years.

She began her career making guest appearances on television until her auditions for Sex Education gave her the big break.

But who really is Patricia Allison?

Patricia Allison’s Quick Bio
Birth NamePatricia Allison
Birth PlaceLondon, England
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1994
Height1.57 meters
Marital StatusIn a relationship (with Phillip Walsch)
EducationColchester Institute, Easy 15 Acting School
Known ForNetflix comedy-drama Sex Education
Interests and HobbiesWriting, reading, singing, nature, artwork, theatre play
Net WorthApproximately USD 4 Million

Early Life

Patricia Allison was born on December 7, 1994, in England, United Kingdom.

While details about the schools she attended remain scarce, her journey into the world of acting and performing began at a young age.

Precisely, her journey into the thespian sphere began at the tender age of nine.

It all started when her new primary school became linked to a unique production of “Oliver Twist,” which took place at the prestigious Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

This unique opportunity marked Patricia’s first step onto a stage. It was an experience that would shape her future aspirations.

From that moment, she discovered her passion for acting and knew she wanted to pursue it as a long-term endeavor.

As time progressed, Patricia’s commitment to acting grew stronger. Her determination to excel in the world of theater was evident.

Her first theatre role was as a Messenger in a Shakespearean play.

This marked the beginning of her artistic journey, which would eventually lead her to explore and shine in various roles across the performing arts landscape.


After her primary school years, Patricia’s thirst for knowledge and passion for the performing arts led her to further educational pursuits.

She joined Colchester Institute, where she studied musical theatre for two years.

Later, she enrolled in Easy 15 Acting School for a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Acting, graduating in 2017.

These 6 solid years of training and study not only equipped Patricia with the necessary tools for her career but also allowed her to embrace her passion wholeheartedly.

Acting Career

As aforementioned, Patricia’s interest in acting started at a young age.

Her entry into professional acting began when she landed the role of Charlie in the British TV show ‘Moving On’. She was 14.

However, the role that gained her recognition as an actress was Ola Nyman in Sex Education, a Netflix TV show first released in January 2019.

The series is dedicated to the challenging phase of adolescence that everyone experiences, regardless of their nationality, gender, or orientation.

It humorously addresses the fears, difficulties, and insecurities that come with self-discovery, forming friendships, and embracing one’s own identity as well as the identities of others.

Fans of the series, which encompasses both teenagers and their parents, find the characters and themes of “Sex Education” intriguing, as they can relate to the characters in various situations.

The show’s cast included notable figures like Gillian Anderson from The X-Files, alongside numerous young actors who gained recognition following the series’ debut.

Interestingly, Allison auditioned for multiple roles in the show and admitted that Ola was the one for her.

Though initially a supporting cast, Ola was promoted to lead cast in season 2.

Before landing the role of Ola, Patricia made a guest appearance as Marguerite in Les Misérables, a BBC miniseries.

Since then, she has appeared in other films and TV shows as a voice-over artist, guest character, and in supporting roles.

Check out this post for a compressive list of the most famous movies and TV shows she has appeared: List of Most Famous Patricia Allison Movies and TV Shows

Moving On from Sex Education

After dedicating three years to her role as Ola in the Sex Education series, Patricia made the difficult choice not to return for its fourth season.

This decision was driven by her desire to explore new paths and seize fresh opportunities.

In an interview, she shared that departing from Sex Education was both difficult and necessary, as she sought to challenge herself with different roles.

It’s understandable given Ola’s significant presence in the series that letting go wasn’t easy, but Patricia’s bold move reflects her commitment to growth and evolution in her acting journey.

Current Projects

While Patricia’s journey on Sex Education might have ended, her career has continued to flourish with new projects and engagements.

 She has delved into various ventures, including acting roles and meaningful campaigns.

Notably, Patricia joined the cast of the 2023 British superhero comedy series “Extraordinary,” taking on the role of Hannah.

Her dynamic talent also led her to the 2023 Jermyn Street Theatre production of “Jules and Jim,” where she portrays the character Kath.

In the show, she is working alongside esteemed actors like Samuel Collings and Alex Mugnaioni.

Patricia is also actively engaged with the Hendrick’s Gin’s Flora Adora campaign.

This is a campaign that is centered on inspiring the curious thinkers of Generation Z.

Patricia emphasizes that her range of interests and hobbies plays a key role in nurturing her curiosity.

Notably, journaling stands out as a practice that enables her to maintain an ongoing conversation with herself.

Even amidst her packed schedule, Patricia dedicates moments to recharging.

By engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, swimming, and reading, she replenishes her energy and finds a sense of balance.

Her commitment to the campaign reflects her multifaceted approach to life, exemplifying her determination to inspire and connect with others, especially the curious minds of the younger generation.


Unlike most celebrities, Patricia has successfully managed to keep her relationships from the public eye.

Her past relationships are unknown, and there is no mention of any scandals she might be involved in.

Presently, Patricia is romantically linked with actor and writer Phillip Walsch, a connection that has garnered attention amidst her otherwise discreet personal life.

While Walsch was born in Berlin, Germany, his family moved around a lot because of his father’s work, and as a result, he grew up in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

Walsch moved to the UK to pursue a three-year acting course at East 15 Drama School, where he probably met Patricia since they were there at the same time. He graduated in 2018.

Aside from being an actor, Walsch is skilled in dancing, drumming, physical theatre, snowboarding, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, and basic skills in playing guitar.

He and Patricia’s shared interests are the reason they make such a fantastic couple.

Patricia’s Kenyan Roots

In a touching moment that resonated with many, Patricia shared a photograph in 2018, capturing her visit to an elderly woman in Kenya.

Accompanying the image was a heartfelt caption: “Ah! So good to be home!!!! My nana.”

This post stirred a wave of emotions among her Kenyan followers, as it shed light on her profound ties to the country.

Despite her background being shrouded in mystery, Patricia’s revelation left her Kenyan fans both surprised and elated, proudly embracing her as a fellow Kenyan.

In a past interview posted on YouTube by Donmar Warehouse, Patricia candidly acknowledged her Kenyan origins.

Her connection to Kenya seems to span back to her childhood, as she noted the distinct difference between the theatrical landscapes of Kenya and the UK.

Evidently proud of her heritage, Patricia’s Instagram page features the Kenyan flag, serving as a testament to her bond with the nation.

While the specific region of her Kenyan roots remains undisclosed, Patricia’s deep connection to her origins paints a picture of a multi-dimensional artist whose identity is woven with diverse threads from across the globe.

Championing Empowerment and Equality

Patricia is a strong advocate for women’s rights and equality.

She particularly focuses on supporting women of color.

She believes that everyone should have a chance to share their stories.

Patricia is determined to create a fair and inclusive world where everyone’s voice matters.

You can see Patricia’s commitment to her beliefs on her social media accounts.

She uses her platform to speak out about important issues and to encourage positive change.

She also takes part in peaceful protests, standing up for what she believes in.

To support her advocacy efforts, she reads books that promote empowerment and equality.

One of her favorites is ‘Ain’t I a Woman’ by Bell Hooks, which talks about the history of black feminism.

Another favorite of hers is ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, a book that teaches about mindfulness and living in the present moment.

Other Interests

Beyond her acting pursuits, Patricia finds joy in crafting spoken words and small poems, aspiring to eventually write and direct her own content.

She has a deep love for journaling, a passion that started when she was 18, a result of a challenging breakup.

Since then, she has found solace in writing, using it as a means to cope with the world’s challenges.

Alongside her artistic endeavors, Patricia also possesses musical talents, adeptly playing the guitar and lending her voice to songs.

According to a past interview, her favorite films and TV shows are ‘Love Actually,’ ‘The Holiday,’ and ‘Big Mouth.

Purposeful Engagement with Social Media

While many celebrities frequently share updates on social media, Patricia stands out by using these platforms as a tool for enlightenment and inspiration.

Her engagement with social media is purposeful, with a conscious effort to set boundaries that allow her to balance her online presence with quality time spent with loved ones.

Unlike some, Patricia doesn’t immediately dive into social media upon waking, ensuring a mindful approach to her digital interactions.


Patricia’s dedication to her craft have not gone unnoticed.

In 2021, she earned a prestigious nomination for the coveted Pena De Prata award.

This nomination recognized her outstanding contribution as part of the ensemble cast of the hit Netflix series “Sex Education.”

Her role as Ola in the series showcased her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her character, contributing to the show’s success.

This acknowledgment not only reflects Patricia’s individual brilliance but also underscores the collective effort of the entire cast that breathed life into the show’s narrative.

Net Worth

Like her relationships, Patricia holds her financial matters close to her chest.

While her net worth stands at an impressive USD 4 million, details about her property holdings and vehicle collection remain out of the public domain.

This choice to keep her assets private aligns with Patricia’s preference for focusing on her craft and personal endeavors rather than flaunting material possessions.

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