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Where’s Paul Muite Now? An Update on his Whereabouts, Health, Political & Legal Career

Kenyans are very speculative especially when a prominent personnel suddenly disappears from the limelight or turns down their public appearances.

Paul Muite fits the description above after he went silent for quite some time only for a photo of him looking frail surfaced online sparking health concerns from hawkeyed Kenyans.

Paul Muite boasts a lucrative law and political career.

He has been on our TV screens since the Moi era serving the government in different capacities.

He also has a decorated law career, representing high-profile individuals and politicians in court cases.

However, Paul Muite took Kenyans by surprise last year after he appeared sickly in a picture that made rounds on social media.

Is Paul Muite Sick?

Kenyans notice quickly when a prominent person loses significant weight, as was the case with the late Chris Kirubi and the Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang Nyongo.

After speculations, Chris and Anyang were left with no choice but to reveal their battle with cancer.

Paul Muite’s case was not different, as Kenyans started wishing him a quick recovery and good health before he could address his health status.

Most social media users had concluded that Muite was battling cancer, given the significant weight he had lost from the last time he was spotted in public.

Paul was not pleased by the perpetrated narrative from Kenyans and decided to issue a statement on his social media accounts.

The former Kabete Member of Parliament wrote that he was aware of the online reports, but they were untrue.

He confirmed that he had lost weight, but only because he had done it purposely through jogging to maintain healthy sugar levels.

He also maintained that he feels good about his body and enjoys jogging in the Karura forest.

His statement disputed all conclusions regarding his health.

Kenyans were glad that cancer had not targeted another political figure and that Paul’s physical appearance was a false alarm.

What is Paul Muite Doing Now?

It is no secret that Paul Muite is not as active as he was a few years ago.

His most recent court appearance was last year when he represented the ousted four IEBC commissioners otherwise known as the Cherera Four.

In his submission, Muite defended the commissioners by stating to the Supreme Court that they were not wrong to disown the final presidential results if they felt justified to do so.

He asked the court to uphold the four commissioner’s verdict because it was constitutional.

That was the last court case of national interest that Paul Muite appeared in, and has kept a low profile ever since and has not taken political sides in the present political rivalry between Azimio and Kenya Kwanza government led by President Ruto.

However, it is expected of prominent Kenyan figures to slow down their career paths after reaching old age.

Paul Muite is 78 years old and his absence from the political and legal scene could be due to his old age.

He has been an active figure for many years but old age may have slowed him down which is understandable.

Paul Muite’s Political and Legal Career

Paul Muite may not be active as before but has achieved a lot since he launched his political and legal career during the Moi era.

Paul served as the LSK’s chairman in the 1990s before venturing into politics and becoming an elected MP for the Kabete constituency.

Paul Muite also served on the Justice and Legal Affairs parliamentary committees during his tenure as Member of  Parliament.

He also contributed to multipartism in Kenya by founding the Safina Party at a time when KANU commanded and dictated the political landscape.

Paul Muite’s political career reached a new height after he vied for the presidential seat during the 2013 general elections.

He later revealed that his intention to run for the country’s top political seat was not to win but to encourage the current generation to go for top seats despite their background or political affiliation.

Away from his political accomplishments, Paul Muite received an award from the International Commission of Jurists in 2015.

The award was recognizing his efforts in defending the Bill of Rights and his contribution towards the establishment of the new constitution.

Paul Muite’s Family

Paul Muite is among Kenyan politicians who do not mix family with their careers.

He has kept his family under the radar and hardly paraded them at public functions.

Paul is married to Edith Muite, and they have three children who have since grown into adulthood.

None of Muite’s children has shown interest in politics.

Paul Muite’s Net Worth

Paul has created immense wealth from his political and legal professions.

He is one of the best-paid lawyers in Kenya.

Paul has earned a lot of money representing political, civil, and corporate clients in different legal cases. 

His net worth is estimated between $1 and $3 million.

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