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Who Has the Smallest Head in The World?

It is amazing that there is a Guinness World Record for almost anything you can associate with the human body.

From individuals with the most enormous feet, most hairy bodies, longest noses ever, the widest mouth, longest hair, and fingernails, etc.

Talking of the human body, do you know who holds the world record for the smallest head ever?

Well, there have been a handful of people with small leaders around the globe.

Some are dead because of the underlying medical condition that made them have small heads while others are alive.

The average adult head circumference is 21.5 inches for females and 22.5 inches for males.

There are adults with head circumference below 15, making them look like toddlers stuck in adult bodies.

Before we delve into this special group of people, it is crucial to understand microcephaly, the medical condition behind small heads.

What is Microcephaly?

Microcephaly explains a medical condition where babies are born with smaller heads than normal size.

The condition is brought about by the brain’s inability to grow bigger due to damage during pregnancy or after the baby’s birth.

Microcephaly may occur independently or alongside other defects like delayed speech, walking, and other toddler developmental delays.

So, how often are babies with microcephaly born?

On the brighter side, microcephaly is rare, happening once in every 800 to 5,000 births in the US but sadly, it has no cure.

So, who has the smallest head in the world?

The Smallest Head in the World

There are several sources highlighting persons with the smallest heads in the world.

However, the record for the smallest head is non-existent in the Guinness World Records, which is yet to publish or update details on the same on its official website.

You can trust this page to provide an update once the Guinness World Records website provides information on this topic.

In the meantime, there are internet sources that have covered people, some dead and others alive, believed to have recorded the smallest heads ever seen.

One characteristic that is consistent with the individuals listed here is that most of them not only have small heads but are short too.

Below is a list of the people with the tiniest heads in the world in no particular order:

1.    Madge Bester

Madge was born in 1963 with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta medical condition.

The condition rendered her disabled and she had to spend her life in a wheelchair because her bones were fragile.

Madge is among people believed to have one of the smallest heads in the world.

She was also short, measuring 70 cm in height.

Madge’s condition encouraged her to traverse across the globe championing for the rights of the disabled.

She passed away in 2018 but her achievements in defending the disabled rights haven’t been forgotten.

2.    Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge is a familiar face and name in the Indian entertainment industry.

She holds the Guinness World Record for the shortest female alive at 62.8 cm.

Amge has another record for being the shortest actress after appearing in several TV Shows and films such as American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Jyoti also boasts a massive following on social media and has an active social life.

You can easily mistake Jyoti for a kid who is 29 years old.

 Her growth stopped after clocking 2 years and has no signs of growing taller.

Her short stature has also made her one of the adults around the world with a small head.

3.    Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez’s case is unique because he wasn’t born with a small head like the rest.

His small head resulted from a nearly fatal car accident.

According to Carlos, the impact from the car crash threw him through the windscreen, causing him to land on his head on the road.

The doctors got rid of the damaged part which left him with almost half of his original head size.

In a YouTube video, Carlos attributed the accident to drug and drunk driving and warned others against driving under the influence.

4.    Gul Mohammed

It seems India is the primary home for record-breaking short people with small heads because Gul also hails from the Asian country.

Gul Mohammed was a short adult and had a small head to complement his height.

He had chronic asthma and bronchitis, a condition that deteriorated because he loved smoking.

Most sources have only highlighted Gul’s shortness, but a few have also reported that he had a small head.

He died aged 39.

5.    Chandra Dangi

Chandra hailed from Nepal and earned the Guinness World Record for being the shortest man in 2012, measuring 54 centimeters.

Dangi also had an underlying medical condition believed to be the cause of his dwarfism.

 His head’s size also belonged to the category of people with the smallest heads around the globe.

Chandra died at the age of 75.

His record for being the shortest man in the world is yet to be challenged.

6.    Afshin Ghaderzadeh

Joining the list of the world’s shortest men is Afshin Ghaderzadeh from Iran.

His small body frame also comes with a small head, and that’s why he is on this list.

Afshin measured 65 centimeters, making him a little taller than Chandra and Gul Mohammed.

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