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What Comes After The Year 2099?

It’s 2023 and one can’t help but imagine what the next century holds for humanity.

With the boom in the artificial industry, is it possible that bots will be doing everything from cooking to carrying out surgeries to flying planes exclusively?

Will there be other social media platforms?

What will the health of the human race be like?

Will people live longer or shorter lives?

Here’s a quick overview of what will possibly come after 2099.

Which is the next year after 2099?

First and foremost, it is necessary to state that the year after 2099 is 2100.

There has been some debate on whether the next year is actually 2100 or 3000.

When you add one to 2099 you get 2100 and not 3,000.

That’s the year two thousand one hundred. After 2099 New Year’s Eve, it will be exactly a Friday 1st January 2,100 –the 22nd century. 

Some of you reading this post may not be alive to see the year for obvious reasons.

According to Our World in Data, the current average life expectancy is above 70 years. This only came into existence in the 1900s.

Before that in the 1800s, the expectancy was 61.6 and about 48.2 between 1480 and 1679.

Assuming you are 15 now, you will be 92 years in 2100.

Anyone above 30 years now will likely have departed from the planet then.

What Is The Projection In The World Of Science And Tech?

The New York Academy of Sciences has done its fair share of projection into the next century.

Based on its findings, the future looks bright. For one, there’s hope for more vaccines for human diseases.

This has a ripple effect of an extension of life expectancy by up to twenty years.

Two whole decades will certainly do the world some good.

Other highlighted advancements include the following:

  • Reversal of global warming thus a more secure planet
  • New modes of transportation that shorten the time of travel
  • Production of green energy by individuals and companies using reusable sources
  • Space travel will become more common than it is now. The average person will be able to travel to space with ease.
  • Computers will become extremely powerful, thanks to quantum computing. One tiny data center will likely be sufficient to take care of all human needs.
  • Phones and TVs will be replaced by holograms.
  • Plants will be generated to give Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It may be possible to reverse aging.
  • The introduction of space rockets.
  • Women will be impregnated by robots rather than men.

What About The Healthcare Industry?

Currently, the medical field is undergoing some major breakthroughs.

AI is already playing a huge role in healthcare.

Now imagine what will happen in the next 100 years.

Best believe humans will witness cutting-edge innovations and technologies that will greatly improve healthcare.

Some of the projections include the following:

  • Personalized medicine: Doctors will personalize treatments based on an individual’s DNA. This will reduce side effects and improve the effectiveness of drugs and treatments.
  • Telemedicine: This is the strategy of letting patients access healthcare in the comfort of their homes. It is already in effect and will go a notch higher in the next century resulting in efficient use of medical resources and better patient outcomes.
  • AI will go to the next level: It will allow doctors to make effective and fast diagnoses meaning diseases like cancer will be detected earlier. Robotic surgery is also going to be huge. Through it, surgeons will only monitor procedures remotely.

Environment and Lifestyle Changes

The ongoing awareness about the need to be more environmentally conscious will greatly bear fruits in the future.

Experts project that sustainability and protection of the planet will take center stage.

Cities will be more livable and sustainable. Of course, renewable energy sources will be the norm in 2100.

As far as lifestyle is concerned, AI will penetrate into every area of human life.

There’ll be no need to do repetitive and mundane work. Work will become mostly remote and independent.

People will embrace machines more, gay marriage, cultural diversity, innovative technologies in education, explore space use machines to build structures and travel more.

With the advancement of travel options that circle the Earth in hours, who wouldn’t want to explore the planet?

All in all, 2100 looks bright. If only we could be here to see it all!

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