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Stella Brenda Ochieng Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life & Family

Brenda Ochieng is a popular journalist who works as a presenter for Ramogi TV. The beautiful media personality has endured torrid times. This is her story.

Early Life & Education

Stella was born on 15th April 1989 in Awendo, Migori County.

She is the firstborn among nine siblings. At an early age, she had the misfortune of losing her mother.

After her primary education, she attended Nyakach Girls High School and sat for her KCSE in 2008.

She then joined the Nairobi Aviation College, where she studied mass communication and journalism.


Stella’s media career began on May 2011 when she was hired by Sunset Radio, where she worked for four years.

 She later joined Sulwe Radio, working as a rhumba show presenter for a year.

Brenda then left the media and joined the marketing industry.

She worked as a marketing executive at Optiven Limited until October 2021.

Personal Life & Family

Stella is a single mother of two boys, namely Manuel and Yasine.

After her mother’s death, Brenda had to be raised by her grandmother, whom she claims used to mistreat her so much.

The need to escape her grandmother’s reign of terror drove her to marry her high school sweetheart immediately after her national exams.

However, the TV presenter’s father did not approve of their marriage.

To make matters worse, she had five miscarriages, and her husband started mistreating her.

She was forced then to seek refuge at her maternal grandmother’s home in Uganda.

From Uganda, she moved to Nairobi to live with her aunt, and it was during this time that she joined college.

Suspicions would, however, arise with her aunt claiming that Stella wanted to steal her husband, and she was subsequently kicked out.

She moved in with her paternal uncle, who could not afford to pay for her fees.

To fund her education, she took a loan of Ksh 30,000 and bought phone accessories which she hawked to raise money.

The lack of fees would continue to be a problem for her, and by a stroke of good luck, she auditioned for a radio presenter role at Sunset Radio and got the job.

While at the station, she began a relationship with a senior politician in Homabay County, and this union bore her first son. However, this relationship ended when Stella learned she was the politician’s third wife.

Brenda would then meet another man who was a top fan of her Rhumba Show.

The entertainer and her son were involved in an accident, and this man helped her clear her bills.

The two would build a friendship and start dating after Stella left the hospital.

She moved in with this man, a senior police officer, and got pregnant with her second son.

The officer would, however, be extremely controlling; he forced her to cut off all her friends, convert to Islam, and leave her TV job because he did not like her working on TV.

The toxicity would eventually lead to the end of her marriage to the policeman.


Stella has gone through a rough patch in her life, but she has always persevered and is currently reaping her rewards at Ramogi TV, where she earns between Ksh 80,000 to Ksh 150,000.

This amount is enough to sustain a comfortable life for her and her sons. 

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