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Quick List of Kikuyu Abusive Words

Apart from the country’s two official languages (English and Kiswahili), Kikuyu is Kenya’s most popular language.

The main reason is that the Agikuyu tribe is the most populous community in Kenya.

As a result, some of the tribe’s offensive and abusive words are commonly used in almost every part of the country regardless of whether the people using them are from the community or not.

A List of the Common Kikuyu Abusive Words and Their Translated Meaning

Below is a list of the most popular Kikuyu vulgar and abusive words and their meaning.

  • Ngui Ino – ‘Ngui’ means a dog, but the phrase is used when referring to someone as a dog.
  • Maraya – Similar to the Swahili term ‘malaya,’ they all refer to a prostitute or a sex worker.
  • Itina riri – ‘Itina’ means buttocks; hence the phrase is used as an insult, referring to them as buttocks.
  • Nugu ino – ‘Nugu’ is the kikuyu name for a baboon. The phrase compares an individual’s lower intellectual capacity to the baboon.
  • Kihii/Mufii – It refers to an uncircumcised male.
  • Mucuthi/Mushuthe – It refers to the male genitalia.
  • Caitani/Goma – it means a devil/ lucifer. They are also used to refer to an evil person.
  • Murogi – It’s the Kikuyu definition of a sorcerer/witch. It refers to a person with ill intentions.
  • Muici uyu – The term ‘muici’ means a thief. Used when comparing someone to a thief.
  • Keino/Gitii – Refers to the female genitalia.
  • Keimba – Refers to a dead body.
  • Funda – It’s the Kikuyu name for a donkey. Commonly used as an insult to belittle a person’s intelligence by comparing them to a donkey.
  • Heke/Nyee – refers to the male scrotum (or balls).
  • Mai– refers to feces. Used as an insult to make someone appear as disgusting as feces.
  • Mbea Ino – The term ‘mbea’ refers to a rat.
  • Mucukani – This phrase describes a person who loves to gossip.
  • Thiswa/Haiswa– This is a vulgar term that describes the act of being sexually assaulted.
  • Hakurwo – Another vulgar term describing the act of being castrated.
  • Kiumbani – It describes a male womanizer, but its commonly used to describe a male exhibiting prostitution tendencies.’
  • Mikamo – It’s an offensive description of a woman’s breasts.
  • Njege Ino – ‘Njege’ is the Kikuyu definition of a porcupine. However, this phrase is used to compare a person to the animal.
  • Mukio – It describes the act of being sexually aroused (being horny).
  • Mundu Mukegu– It means a foolish/stupid person.
  • Hitii Ino – ‘Hiti’ is the Kikuyu definition of a hyena. This phrase compares a person to the hyena, mainly emphasizing their greedy habits.
  • Ding’oing’o – It refers to a snail. It is used as an insult that suggests the person’s intelligence is as slow as a snail.
  • Thie Ukamie – it’s a vulgar phrase that means ‘go and take a dump (shit).’
  • Thie ukiumaga – A loose translation of this phrase means ‘go and die.’
  • Nyukwa – Although the term generally refers to one’s mother, it’s used to insult a person’s mother.
  • Thie Ugakamwo – ‘gukamwo’ means extracting milk from the breasts. However, this phrase insults a person by telling them to go (thie) and be milked.
  • Njuga Mai – refers to the pubic hairs located close to the anus.

It’s essential to note that we are not trying to promote using these offensive and abusive words when referring to anyone.

On the contrary, this information is to help you understand their meaning in case you hear them being used.

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