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Kikuyu Trees Names

The Kikuyu ethnic tribe is ranked as the most populous community in Kenya.

They are primarily found in the fertile regions of Mount Kenya highlands, formally known as Central Province.

Due to the favorable climate in most of the parts occupied by the tribe, these regions are covered by a wide variety of vegetation, mainly trees.

A List of 30 Kikuyu-Named Trees and Some of Their Scientific Names

Before the Britain settlers invaded and colonized their fertile lands and the entire country, the community had already named most of the trees that were present in their habitat.

An interesting fact to note when it comes to the tribe’s naming of the trees is that they all start with the prefix’ Mũ.’

It’s the community’s way of referring to any significant living thing they hold highly; for instance, their definition of a human being is ‘Mũndu.’

Here is a list of the most common trees found and named by the ethnic tribe, including some of the trees’ confirmed scientific names.

1.            Mũgũmo (Ficus thoningii ): This tree is highly valued by the community as it is considered sacred.

2.            Mũkuyũ (Ficus sycamora): The tree ranks second as the community’s most valuable and sacred plant. Historians believe this tree was highly influential in the tribe’s name, Kikuyu.

3.            Mũiri (Pygeum Africana):The tree’s leaves were boiled, and the patient had to inhale the stem as it cured colds.

4.            Mũgandũraanake (Solanum aculeastrum): The fruits of this tree were fed to young men who had undergone circumcision to help them heal.

5.            Mũkũngũgũ: The stems of this tree were used to create fencing posts known as ‘gitoka’ for their farms.

6.            Mũatha: Its leaves were boiled and used to treat their cattle’s inflamed lymphatic glands.

7.            Mũkarara (Phylanthus discoideu)

8.            Mũirũthi (Maba abissinica)

9.            Mũheti (Zanthoxylum usambarense)

10.         Mũkindũri (Croton Elliotanus)

11.         Mũringa (Cordia Holstii)

12.         Mũnderendũ (Tecla spp)

13.         Mũtamaiyũ (Olea Chrisofila africana)

14.         Mũtarakwa (Juniperus procera)

15.         Mũthengera (Podocarpus milanjianus)

16.         Mũtatĩ  (Poliscias kikuyensis)

17.         Mũtũndũ (Neoboutonia macrocalyx)

18.         Mũũ (Merkhamia hildebrandtii)

19.         Mũthite (Ocotea usambarensis)

20.         Mũcharage (Olea hochstetteri)

21.         Mũhũgũ (Brachylena Hutchinsii)

22.         Mũtathi (Clausena anisata)

23.         Mũhethu (Trema orientalis)

24.         Mũbiru (Vangueria madagascariensis)

25.         Mũrurue (Toddalia asiastica)

26.         Mũkarakinga (Rhamnus prinoides)

27.         Mũhũti (Erythina abyssinia)

28.         Mũthakwa wathi

29.         Mũũmbũ

30.         Mũkoigo

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