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Online Marriage Registration in Kenya: Your Complete Guide

The Kenyan government continues to show its commitment to efficient service delivery to Kenyans.

Besides setting up Huduma Centres, the government started digitizing service delivery, and things have improved.

Kenyans can get most services online, including applying for marriage certificates.

A marriage certificate is a legal document proving that a couple has decided to live together. 

The certificate can be issued to couples living together if they meet the set requirements.

The marriage certificate is registered under Christian, civil, customary, and Hindu marriage.

The issuance of online marriage certificates kicked off when the Corona Pandemic was at its peak in a bid to prevent the spreading virus.

Couples would no longer need to visit Sheria House to apply for the certificate manually, and it has remained that way since 2020.

The Importance of Applying for a Marriage Certificate

Most cohabiting Kenyans need help understanding the need to apply for a marriage certificate.

Some may need to be informed that they can apply for the certificate online.

Others think marriage certificates are issued to couples who have done a church wedding. 

Kenyan law only identifies marriages backed by a legal certificate.

Come-we-stay marriages remain unrecognized without a certificate.

A marriage certificate is vital in a union for reasons such as:

  • Property and responsibilities are distributed seamlessly upon divorce or separation, including easy child custody settlement.
  • Upon death, a partner can legally inherit the couple’s joint property and other property the deceased spouse may have acquired separately. 
  • Couples can file taxes jointly and enjoy deductions instead of individual filing.
  • Couples wishing to travel or relocate abroad can easily apply for visas
  • Mortgage lenders request a marriage certificate from couples seeking to acquire a house
  • A marriage certificate is a requirement when venturing into politics

How to Apply For Marriage Certificate Online In Kenya

Now that you’ve seen the importance of applying for a marriage certificate, where do you start?

The certificate application process is straightforward. You can do it in the comfort of your home if you own a laptop or computer and a stable internet connection.

Alternatively, you can fill in the certificate details at a cyber.

 Below is a guide on how to apply for the certificate at the e-citizen portal:

  • Login at the e-citizen portal
  • Click on Services and then on Apply Marriage Certificate
  • Fill in the form as required and upload relevant documents (birth certificates, passports, death certificates for widowed, decree absolutes for divorced, national IDs, colored passports, etc.)
  • You will be scheduled for a pre-wedding interview at the marriage Registrar’s office based in your area after a 21-day notice.
  • Attend the pre-wedding interview with your partner, plus the filled certificate application form.
  • The vows are conducted upon which you are issued a hard copy certificate, while another copy remains at the general attorney’s office.

How to Check Marriage Certificate Online in Kenya

It is easy to check a marriage certificate online.

The certificate is among other public records like a certificate of good conduct that the government makes accessible on the e-citizen portal.

You can check your marriage certificate on the portal using credentials such as email or national ID and a password. 

How Much Does Marriage Certificate Processing Cost in Kenya?

The process of obtaining a marriage certificate in Kenya comes at a cost.

The charges vary depending on the particulars of the process.

You are charged 3,900 for the certificate application process.

However, couples part with 9,700 for weddings conducted at the registrar’s office.

For the same marriage certificate, couples opting for a garden wedding pay 16,700. 

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