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10 Most Shocking Black YouTube Couples Breakups So Far

YouTube couples are lovable. They disclose their relationship and intimate moments to the world, drawing massive followings on social channels.

However, the problem with being in the limelight is that it becomes a public spectacle when things get sour and the news spreads like wildfire. 

Below is a list of ten black YouTube couples that called it quits, breaking their fans’ hearts: 

1. Jin and Juice 

The YouTube sensational Jin and Juice were known for sharing vlogs, pranks, and music videos on their YouTube channel. This saw them expose their real-life marriage to the internet, and the viewers keenly followed. 

However, they didn’t last that long. The YouTube duo brought to public attention the end of their romantic relationship due to physical abuse from both sides. 

2. David Dobrik and Liza Keshy 

Everyone thought David Dobrik and Luza Keshy were a match made in heaven. However, the prominent YouTubers had a huge announcement to make.

They were ending their relationship, and they broke up in 2018. They wrote an amicable note of their decision to go separate ways.

3. Tiffany and Taylor

Tiffany and Taylor are in third place, famous for their YouTube channel, Xotiffanirose. The duo broke up after seven years of marriage, and it’s easier to understand why. 

In an interview, Tiffany explained that they had busy schedules, which made them lack time for each other, which was why their relationship had run its course.

Tiffany had a bitter part where she was struggling with infertility, and it came out that she had encountered eight miscarriages that were hard to deal with. 

4. Jamie and Nikki 

The internet favorite YouTubers, Jamie and Nikki, had drawn a massive following on social media, where they disclosed their journey in marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, and family life. 

The two had two adorable daughters, Zoe and Ava, but nothing could stop the couple from going their separate ways as their relationship became toxic. Though painful, they did break up. 

5. Tae and Lou

When the COVID pandemic hit, Tae and Lou also told the public that there was no warmth for them anymore. Though the reasons for their break-up weren’t clear, the power couple broke up and could not hide it from the public eye.

They were famous for their YouTube channel Thang Thang Gang, which majored in vlogs, pranks, and their storytelling that remains magical. 

6. Sky and Val 

Sky and Val let us into their relationship and were great influencers and content creators. However, that did not keep them together. In 2023, they had to say goodbye to their large fan base through a video. 

7. De’arra and Ken 

YouTube stars De’arra and Ken were internet sensations who boldly unannounced their break-up news via a video. The couple was famous for their pranks and cooking shows that went viral.

Though they did not disclose the reason behind their separation, most fans expressed their hurt and disbelief and wished them well.

8. Catherine and Austin McBroom

Catherine and Austin started their YouTube channel in 2016, the Ace Family, which gathered 18 million subscribers. The two had three kids: Alle, Alaia, and Steel. 

They were known for their viral videos that featured vlogs, pranks, and challenges. However, the two came to a mutual agreement to split up due to irreconcilable differences. 

9. Chris and Queen 

One thing that messes up love is cheating. Well, that’s what happened to YouTubers,  Chris Sails and the Singer Queen. They spent most of their lives together and became a YouTube sensation that amazed a vast following. 

However, the Singing Queen accused her husband of cheating, and this drifted their relationship, and they had to break up

10. Damien Prince and Biancca Rainnes 

We end our list with Damien Prince and Bianca Rainnes, who are known for their YouTube channel, The Prince Family. They gained social media traction that saw them amass a dedicated fanbase. 

They were involved in family-related challenges, pranks, vlogs, and entertainment and enjoyed heartfelt moments as a family with their four kids. However, they decided to end their relationship and said goodbye. 

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Love is beautiful, and we would love to see our black YouTube couple last longer. However, no one knows how long marriage vows should last, and divorces are inevitable. However, we wish all black YouTuber couples the best in their marriages. 

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