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Top 10 Most Beautiful West Africa Islands

Africa is a continent that elicits excitement regarding travel and adventure. Many parts remain wild and offer the best spots for making memories.

While many people enjoy the mainland, where there are safaris, Africa has the most beautiful islands.

Here, we explore the 10 most beautiful West African islands.

1. São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and Príncipe is one of the most amazing island countries in West Africa. And best of all, it’s considered a free country with freedom of speech for citizens. The country is made up of two islands, that is São Tomé and Príncipe.

Both islands are situated in the equatorial Atlantic and are a great addition to your bucket list. Be ready to tour magnificent jungles and literal paradise in the remote part of the world.

2. Cape Verde

Did you know that Cape Verde is made up of 10 islands?

Cape Verde is another safe destination located on the West Coast of Africa. Though little known by many travelers, a trip to this part of Africa has much to offer.

Cape Verde volcanic islands are situated in the Central Atlantic Ocean. They remained uninhabited until the 15th century when Portuguese explorers discovered them.

Cape Verde is a thriving country with a culture combining African and European influences.

3. Canary Islands

The west coast of Africa is home to the Canary Islands, whose gorgeous beaches are known worldwide.

Though the islands are situated in the northwestern region of the continent, they are part of the Spanish archipelago.

The Canary Islands offer amazing landscapes perfect for hiking, caving, and rock climbing. However, you can enjoy the sun at the beach or head into the water for water sports.

4. Banana Islands

Yawri Bay is home to the Banana Islands, consisting of Ricketts, Dublin, and Mesmeheux.

Only Dublin and Ricketts are inhabited, while Mesmeheux remains uninhabited. The islands are situated in the western region of Sierra Leona and are surrounded by the Freetown peninsula.

Today, Dublin and Ricketts have a population of under 1000 occupants and are great places to enjoy relaxation.

People escaping the chaos of major cities find solace when visiting the Banana Islands.

5. Saloum Islands

The Saloum Delta, formed by the arms of 3 rivers, is home to more than 200 islands. Some are the Saloum Islands, where surfers come from many regions to enjoy surfing.

Here, the Harmattan and trade winds make the area a hit with adventure seekers.

6. Bissagos Islands

The Bissagos Islands, also known as the Bojagos Islands, are located off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. They comprise 88 islands in an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here, you can find great biodiversity that consists of semi-dry forests, mangroves, palm forests, and coastal savanna.

It’s easy to view the natural beauty of the Bissagos Islands, which remain largely rural, with inhabitants practicing subsistence farming.

Visitors can tour the islands with the help of guides and board speed boats or ferries to move from one to the next.

7. Bioko Island

Off the coast of Cameroon, you come across Bioko Island, which is part of the volcanic line in the area.

Though located off the coast of Cameroon, Bioko Island is part of Equatorial Guinea. The first inhabitants were the Bantu people from the mainland, who formed the Bubi tribe.

Today, Bioko Island is the home of Malabo, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. It has a large population, with many living in and around Malabo.

 The economy revolves mainly around oil exploration and production that takes place offshore.

8. Goree Island

Did you know that Goree Island, located off the Coast of Dakar in West Africa, is a UNESCO World Heritage site?

 In 1978, Goree Island was recognized for its culture and historical significance. It’s a representation of the dark times in Africa, where many inhabitants were sold into slavery.

Goree Island is part of Senegal and attracts visitors each year who learn about the history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The island also has managed to preserve slave houses and colonial architecture.

9. Mar Lodj

The coast of Senegal is also home to another island, Mar Lodj.

 It’s largely a rural setting that boasts of significant natural beauty. The island is near many beautiful places and has a rich ecosystem. Here, you can view natural lagoons and dunes.

Visitors can spend time at a fishing village and take canoe rides up and down the waterways. Bird watching is a must as you explore the majestic Baobabs.

10. Bobowasi Island

Ghana is home to the Bobowasi Island in the Axim Bay of the Atlantic Ocean.

 If you want to see a lighthouse off the coast of West Africa, be sure to spend time in Ghana. Bobowasi Island is home to a historical lighthouse.

A visit to West Africa won’t be complete without exploring the numerous islands in the region. Plan a trip and enjoy some of the most beautiful settings.  

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