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List of Moi Sons and What They Do Now

Throughout history, political dynasties have played a significant role in shaping nations.

One such lineage is that of the Moi family, which gained prominence during his reign as the second president of Kenya.

With five sons, the Moi family has continued influencing the country’s political landscape and making significant contributions in various fields.

Here’s a quick list of Moi’s sons and what they do (or did), their achievements, and their endeavours so far.

1. Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi

Daniel Arap Moi’s eldest son, Jonathan, was passionate about motor-sports.

He was an accomplished rally driver who participated in the Kenyan Safari Rally.

 He began competing in Safari Rally in 1986 and finished his career in 1997 after amassing over 800 medals, including the Africa Rally championship.

Just like his father, Jonathan also made a shot at politics back in 2002 and 2007 when he vied for the MP seat for Eldama Ravine.

Additionally, Jonathan co-owned and managed the Kabarak Farm and Kabarak University in Nakuru County.

Sadly, rally driver and enthusiast Jonathan, who was much closer to his mother, passed on in April 2019, leaving a legacy as a sportsman and entrepreneur.

2. John Mark Moi

John Mark Moi, Moi’s second son, was born in 1958.

He went to the renowned Harvard University in the US but left before finishing his examinations.

The media has not seen John Mark Moi recently, especially during his late father’s funeral.

It is claimed he could have schizophrenia, a serious psychological problem that makes it challenging to think, feel, and act reasonably.

This could be why there is limited public information about him.

3. Raymond Moi

As the third son, Raymond Moi followed in his father’s footsteps by venturing into politics.

Despite not seeking high-profile positions or aspiring for the presidency like his brother Gideon Moi, Raymond Moi has remained influential in Kenyan politics.

He has served as a Member of Parliament for Rongai Constituency for two consecutive terms from 2013–2022 and has been actively involved in legislative affairs.

In the August 2022 elections, Raymond, however, lost his seat to UDA’s Paul Chebor.

During his reign as the Rongai member of parliament, Raymond dedicated himself to addressing the needs of his constituents and advocating for their welfare.

While specific information about his current activities may be limited after losing his Member of Parliament seat, Raymond Moi has remained active in public life.

He has explored different avenues for his contributions to the nation.

Political figures often maintain involvement in party affairs even when they are not holding an elected position. He could be working within his party and engaging in grassroots politics.

In addition to his political endeavours, Raymond Moi has been involved in business activities.

He has business interests in the economy’s agriculture, hospitality, and real estate sectors.

4. Philip Kipchirchir Moi

Philip, one of the Moi twins, was born in 1962.

He is retired from military service. Philip is known to have been one of the first local Kenyans to take up the game of Polo.

The businessman became popular after getting involved in a protracted divorce proceeding with his estranged wife, Rossana Pluda.

He has had a difficult time in the courts due to his divorce and a Sh90 million maintenance dispute against his now ex-wife, Ms Rosana Pluda.

5. Gideon Kipsielei Moi

While almost little is known about the rest of the Moi family, the former Baringo senator Gideon Moi usually comes to mind when the former First Family is referred to.

Gideon Moi, the youngest son of Daniel Arap Moi, has become a well-known politician.

Between 2013 and 2022, he served as a Baringo County senator.

He demonstrated his commitment to serving the people through his involvement with multiple initiatives.

Gideon is also the chairman of the Kenya African National Union (KANU) party, which played a crucial role in Kenya’s political landscape during his father’s reign as president.

Despite being the youngest son of Moi, Gideon is the family’s spokesperson.

In January, the former senator was offered a post as an election observer in Antigua and Barbuda.

Gideon Moi was among the election monitors for the country’s general election on January 18, 2023.

Only five months after losing the Baringo County Senatorial contest in August 2022, he was chosen to join the team.

He is a vibrant individual who enjoys Polo and motor biking in addition to being a government officer.

Parting Thoughts

The sons of Daniel Arap Moi have made their mark in various domains, ranging from politics and business to sports and philanthropy.

While some have chosen to follow their father’s political path, others have diversified their interests and contributed to different sectors of society.

The Moi family’s legacy continues to shape Kenya’s political and social fabric, and their achievements have solidified their place in the country’s history.

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