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List of Estrella TV Female Hosts: Meet the Leading Ladies in Estrella TV

Estrella TV is an American-based Spanish language network that Liberman Broadcasting established in 1998. Since its inception, Estrella TV has hired talented Spanish-speaking hosts who have helped it reach the same status as its sister radio stations.

This includes the most beautiful female hosts who have been instrumental in covering news while conveying various stories that have impacted the world. These female hosts are more admired since they’re stunning and they have an eloquent way of delivering the news.

To keep up with their competitors, they have also worked with various actresses and social media influencers, who have been given short-term contracts. These celebrities have helped the network introduce new shows while improving the ratings of their current shows.

Here is a list of the current top Estrella TV female hosts who are helping the network increase its Hispanic viewers. 

1. Gisselle Bravo

Bravo is one of the network’s notable female hosts who has made a career for herself as a Mexican TV host, model, and sports anchor. She became famous after hosting a popular radio show known as “Don Cheto Al Aire.” She is also the 2012 winner of Miss Nuestra Belleza Jalisco. Currently, she is hosting “Tengo, Talento, Mucho Talento,” the longest running talent show.

2. Lianna Grethel

Fans of Alarma TV, who loved Chiquinquira Delgado, also know Grethel, the show’s current host. Lianna is a popular Colombian TV presenter, actress, and model who started modeling in 1991. She has also appeared in various TV shows including “Deal or No Deal” and “CSI Miami.” 

3. Palmira Perez

The Emmy award-winning presenter has been Estrella TV’s news anchor for almost 3 years. She started hosting “Noticiero Estrella TV,” their night news show, on August 1, 2021. Perez also serves as the midday news anchor for 24 Horas and KRCA L.A., which are part of Estrella News digital platforms.

4. Cassandra Maria Ramirez

Cassandra has been Estrella TV’s news correspondent for almost 5 years. She also researches complex topics and writes stories for online publications and TV in Spanish for various Estrella TV platforms. According to her LinkedIn page, she also appears in the network’s promos while managing their social media pages. 

5. Concepcion Rios

The Texas based media personality has been Estrella TV’s news reporter for almost 3 years. She joined the company in 2019 and worked as part of their assignment desk team for a few years before becoming a news presenter.

6. Janice Villagran

Villagran is a talented host who is known for more than just her unique personality. She is one of the network’s best dressed presenters. Her fans love watching her in various sexy dresses and tight outfits that pronounce her curves. This may be the reason why she has been listed among the sexiest weather anchors in Latina America. Villigran has taken a number of roles while working for Estrella TV including serving as their weather-girl and presenting various live events and shows.

7. Viviana Sarrade

Sarrade is an exceptional Estrella Media host who brings over a decade of experience every time she comes on air. She has been with the network for over 8 years and has served as their National Digital news presenter for almost 4 years. Sarrade also helps with coordinating news programming, researching, and copy editing. 

8. Wendy Castillo

Living in L.A., Castillo has been Estrella TV’s news anchor for over 6 years. She joined the network in 2018 and has managed to present to us some of the world’s current affairs while serving as the network’s National News correspondent.

9. Angelica Vale

Vale joined her 3rd American-based Spanish network in 2021 when she became the host of “La Mascara del Amor” a popular Spanish game show. Angelica used her charm, experience, and calming voice to increase the show’s rating making it one of the network’s top shows. 

Other than hosting this show, she has also worked on other projects including Ugly Betty, La Fan, and was one of the judges of “Tu Cara me Suena”.

Vale has been acting for over 4 decades and she has starred in various Telemundo shows, but did you know that she started her career as a child actor in 1981? She played Rigo Tovar’s daughter in the movie “El Gran Triunfo” which was produced in 1981. 

10. Carolina Sulbaran

Carolina is not a newbie; she has been in the industry for almost 2 decades. She started her career as a radio host in 2004 in Venezuela. She later transitioned to TV in 2013 when she joined Globovision TV plant. Sulbaran joined the team in 2019 as the local newscast hosting Noticias 8 from Florida City, which aired at 11pm and 5pm.

11. Adriana Yanez

After getting a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising, Yanez featured in a number of TV adverts in Colombia before relocating to the U.S. and becoming a TV host. When she arrived in the U.S., she started her production company. 

Yanex became Estrella TV’s national news broadcaster in 2015 and since then she has hosted various shows for Estrella.  

12. Stephanie Gerard

Gerard is a popular TV host, actress, and singer who has hosted a number of shows for Estrella TV. The budding musician with 9 albums joined the network in 2018 as one of the casts of “El Mameluco.” The show hosts share their perspectives of various celebrities and pop culture. She has also hosted “Buenos Dias Familia” and “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento.”

13. Grecia Salamon

Another female host of “El Mameluco” was Grecia, a Venezuelan actress, producer, and journalist. Grecia has worked on various TV networks in the past including Telemundo, Azteca, and Televisa. She also produced other shows for Estrella including “En Vivo” and “Don Cheto al Aire.” 

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Estrella TV has always used talented female anchors to increase their ratings. They have poached top news anchors from other Spanish networks while using experienced actresses to introduce new shows. A great example is “En La Manana,” a show they introduced in 2015 that was hosted by Carolina Pereira, Sulbaran, and Martell.

Unfortunately, actresses tend to have busier schedules, so they have had to replace them after a few seasons. But some news anchors have been with the network for over 5 years like Castillo. So, expect the network to introduce some of the most talented and beautiful female hosts every time. 

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