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Kikuyu Hospital Maternity Charges

Childbirth is considered to be a blessing in most cultures. The maternity process brings a bundle of joy to many families.

The Kenyan government has been a big campaigner for better maternity care with many health facilities receiving funding to improve their maternity departments.

The Linda Mama scheme was also launched to provide free health insurance for pregnant women from poor backgrounds.

Since maternal health care has been greatly improved, the services do not come cheap and here we explore how much the P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital charges for this service.

About P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital

The P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital, founded by Scottish Missionaries in 1908, is a level 5 healthcare facility located in Kikuyu, Kiambu County.  

The Hospital is operated by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

A wide range of inpatient and outpatient services are offered at the facility at pocket-friendly prices.

The hospital has a 233-bed capacity serving over 170,000 patients annually.

With over 450 workers, most of whom are nurses and medics, the hospital is well-equipped to serve the residents of Kikuyu and its environs.

The Maternity Department

This is one of the main departments at the hospital and it offers services to expectant mothers before, during, and after delivery.

The maternity ward at the hospital has 19 beds categorized into the following sections:

  • Labor Ward and Delivery Room
  • Postnatal Ward
  • Operating Theatre
  • Two bed capacity semi-private room
  • Nursery

This department is operated by a good number of experienced nurses, midwives, a gynecologist, a resident obstetrician, and a medical officer.

These professionals are trained at some of the best medical schools in the country.

Student nurses also work together with the more experienced ones ensuring that the needs of all the admitted expectant women are met.

The medical team is well equipped to handle services such as obstetric emergencies, monitoring of labor, safe deliveries, and mother and baby support post-delivery.

 The team is aided by modern equipment such as the Ultra Sound and Doppler which are reliable in ensuring safe deliveries.

Other staff like cleaners, for instance, ensure that babies are born in a clean environment while the cooks ensure that those admitted are well fed.

Maintenance services are also top-notch as all the equipment are kept at optimal working conditions.

How Much Does P.C.E.A Charge for Maternity Services?

For normal deliveries, the charges at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital range from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 30,000.

Special deliveries such as Caesarian Section are charged at a range of between Ksh. 60,000 to Ksh. 80,000.

The charges vary according to the type of delivery that the mother receives from normal delivery (with a midwife) to Normal delivery (with a gynecologist).

Private rooms or normal wards are also factored in the final bill charged.  The facility is NHIF accredited and the scheme covers bed charges during the delivery process.

The other services that are paid for at the maternity department are consultation fees at Ksh. 1,000 and catering services at Ksh. 500 per day for the entirety of the patient’s stay at the ward.

The charges at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital are rather reasonable compare to other facilities around the country with some charging over Ksh. 60,000 for a normal delivery with other packages reaching over Ksh. 200,000.

Parting Thoughts

Excellent service delivery is a core value that keeps customers coming back.

There is value for every penny one pays at P.C.E.A Kikuyu Hospital as the staff at the facility are dedicated to satisfactory service delivery.

Expectant women visiting the facility are sure to leave happy, healthy, and satisfied by the quality services they will receive during the usually delicate delivery process.

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