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Kalenjin Love Messages: Here’s How to Express Love in Kalenjin

The richness and vibrance of Kalenjin culture extend to their way of expressing love.

In this guide, I will walk you through the unique and endearing ways in which love is expressed in Kalenjin.

So, whether you got a Kalenjin sweetheart, friend or colleague, this guide will teach romantic Kalenjin love words and phrases to heat things up with your new Kale partner.  

Read on…

How to Say “I Love You” In Kalenjin

Achamin: I love you

Achamin agane: I love you too

Achamin: I like you

Ibo kamanut missing eng’ ane: You mean a lot to me

Achamin nebo sobon: I love you with all my soul

Achamin eng’ kila: I love you each day

Achamin iman: I love you like crazy

Achamin ine / Achamin kot missing: I love you passionately

Kachamin muguleldanyun / Kachamin: I have a crush

Achamin koikeny: I love you forever

Achamin en koikeny: I will always love you

I chamnyetab sobenyun: You are the love of my life

Achame nyimengung’: I love your smile

Iyoni atunin? -Will you marry me?

Ichomo? -Do you love me?

Iyono? -Will you accept me?

Memento: Don’t leave me

Mepakachan anegen: Don’t leave me alone

I Malaika nenyu: You’re my angel

I mauandenyu: You’re my flower

Ibwato kila? -Do you think of me every day?

Amochin: I want you

I nenyu anege: You’re mine alone

Mochin sobenyu: My soul/life needs you

I boiboi sobenyu/ Iboiboi muguleldanyu: You cheer up my heart

Kararan tokeng’ung’: Your face is cute

Kalenjin Terms of Endearment

 Chamanenyun: My love

Bebi nenyu: My baby

Malaika nenyu: My angel

Tilyenyu: My dear (feminine form)

Chamanenyun/ Chamanenyu: My dear (masculine form)

Kumnyandenyun/ Kumnyanyu: Honey

Sugariat: Sugar

Chamanenyu/ Tilyenyu: Sweetheart

Mauandenyun: My flower

Chebaibai inyu: My happy love

Neochame: Whom I love

Sobenyu: My love life

Nenyu: Mine

How to Say “I Miss You” In Kalenjin

Amisenin/ Kokoama emoo agobo inye: I miss you

Amisenin nia/ Amisenin missing/ Ating’ene emosto neoo: I miss you so much

Amiseni agane/ Ating’eni emoo agane: I mis you too

Imiseno? -Do you miss me?

Takigeerin: I can’t wait to see you again

Kotaran emosto: I long to see you

Iitu au: When are you coming over?

Abwatin Missing: I always think about you

Mokying gee sobenyu: My soul wants you

Kobiro koris: I’ve been in the cold

Kalenjin Love Phrases and Quotes

I chamanetab karwatitaenyu: You’re the man of my dreams

Iboiboiyon missing: You make me so happy

I boiboiyetab sobondanyun: You’re the joy of my life

I kararan: You are pretty

Itinye konyek chegororon: You have beautiful eyes

Iboiboiyon: You make me happy

Abwatin katugul: I always think of you

Tot itaran/ Tot igeswon/ Tot ibaran/ Tot ame agobo inye: I am crazy about you

Mabogii komoinye: Without you I am nothing

Ibo kamanut missing eng’ ane: You mean a lot to me

Aiyweni agobo inye: You make me stupid

Kianyoru chomnyet ochei: I experienced love at first sight

Tos inyo kebe twan out i? / Tos inyo kebe twan toka? -Would you like to go out with me?

Atachin kiam chebo lang’at: I would love to invite you to dinner

Agase tatagibur twan ine: I would love to spend more time with you

Kiseno: Kiss me

Torochan: Hug me

Naman: Hold me

Sapasapan/ Tinyo: Touch me

Iyanan: Accept me

Chaman: Love me

Chaman Ine: Love me with your all

Kono gee: Give me yourself

Kono chamnyet: Give me love

Kono Chamnyeng’ung tugul: Given me all your love

Matimeto: Don’t dare leave me

Chaman koikeny/ Chaman Kila: Love me always

Mamete: I won’t leave you

Inenyu: You are mine

Kinyun: My thing

Other Romantic Kalenjin Words

Chomnyet: Love

Toroket: Hug

Betutab mauek chebiriren/ Betutab chomnyet: St. Valentine’s Day

Mauek: Flowers

Sonoek: Jewelry

Mwanik chekwerugei/ pavium: Perfume

Koito: Engagement

Peteitab koito: Engagement ring

Katunisiet: Wedding

Arusi: Marriage

Betutab chomnyet/ Toka / Out: Honeymoon

Maning’otiot/ Boiyot/ Kiptayat: Husband

Osotiot: Respectful name for wife

Kwondo: General term for wife

Chepyoset: Wife; when old

Chamanet: Fiancé

Tilyet: Lover

Chamanet ne muren/ boifren: Boyfriend

Chamanet ne tie/ galfren: Girlfriend

Kechomio: To date

Ketunis: To get married

Chomnyet netai/ Chomnyet nekitai: Love at first sight

Chamanet netai: First lover

Chomietab iywek: Madly in love

Chamanetab sobenyu: The love of my life

Chomnyet nebo iman: True love

That’s it. Armed with these sweet words, you can soothe anyone into falling in love with you.

Even if you are already in love with a Kalenjin, using these enticing words sparks love and emotion.

It is a great way to cement and spice a relationship with a loved one.

And don’t forget to play for your love some of the best Kalenjin love tunes. Start with this masterpiece by Kipsang (Konon (100%))

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