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Jamleck Irungu Kamau’s Biography: Wife, Education, Career, Businesses, Properties, and Net Worth

Popularly known as ‘Jamu’ or ‘Kabisa kabisa,’ the politician served as an MP for the Kigumo constituency in Muranga from 2007 to 2017.

He was an influential politician from the Central region during the late President Mwai Kibaki’s regime, where he served as the minister in charge of the Nairobi Metropolitan docket.

Jamleck Kamau’s Educational Background

The former politician completed his O-level studies at Githumu High School and A-level at Njiiri High School.

He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree (economics) from UON.

Professional Background

Jamleck made his debut in the country’s political scene in 2007 after being elected as an Mp for the Kigumo constituency through the PNU party (Party of National Unity).

He was appointed as a minister by the then President, the late Mwai Kibaki, to head the Nairobi Metropolitan.

During his reign at the ministry, various regions neighboring Nairobi city, such as Kiambu, Thika, and some parts of Machakos and Kajiado, were included as part of the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

He is also credited with installing CCTV cameras on most of the roads within the Metropolitan regions of Nairobi.

The politician was re-elected to his Kigumo parliamentary position in the 2013 general elections under the TNA party (The National Alliance, led by the immediate former president Uhuru).

However, during the 2017 elections, Jamleck decided to upgrade his political ambitions by vying for the Murang’a gubernatorial seat.

Unfortunately, he lost to former Governor Mwangi wa Iria.

After his disappointing loss, Former President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was currently serving his final term, appointed Jamleck as the head of Tana and Athi Rivers Development position in a gazette notice published on 3rd May 2019.

However, the 2017’s defeat did not discourage him since in 2022, he tried to make a political come-back by vying for the same seat (Murang’a gubernatorial) under the Jubilee party, but once again, he was unlucky.

The UDA party wave in the Central region did not favor his ambitions as he lost to the current Governor, Irungu Kang’ata.

Since the current Kenyan constitution requires civil servants to resign from their position six months before the general elections if they want to contest for a political seat, Jamleck had to leave his post as the chairman of the parastatal.

The former politician has maintained a low profile since August 2022.

Since President Dr. William Ruto hasn’t appointed him to any political or parastatal position, it’s safe to say that Jamleck Kamau has returned to managing his private businesses.

His Personal Life

Jamleck was born on the 10th of May 1965 as the 18th born from a polygamous family; since his father had three wives and 21 children.

However, the politician did not inherit his father’s polygamous genes, as he only has one wife, Agnes Irungu Kamau.

Although his private life is a well-kept secret, we can confirm that the couple is blessed with three children.

Jamleck Kamau’s Companies, Properties, and Net Worth

Unfortunately, the politician’s assets in terms of properties, the companies he owns, and his overall net worth are not publicly known as he has managed to keep it a secret.

However, it’s already evident that Jamleck is a man with deep pockets.

Having served as an Mp for ten years, a cabinet minister for five years, and a parastatal chairman for four years, there is no doubt that Jamleck has a significant net worth.

Although the politician was not charged in a court of law, when he was a minister, there was nationwide speculation and accusations by the then-government opposition that he directly benefited by conducting business with the government.

Since he was in charge of the Nairobi Metropolitan ministry during the installation of CCTV cameras in most of the city’s busy roads, unverified sources claimed that his security company, Brinks security Limited, was directly involved in procuring and installing the cameras.

The operation cost the ministry an estimated 50 billion shillings, with a huge amount believed to have gone to his company.

The politician is also believed to own a white chopper which he frequently used during the campaign period when he was vying for the gubernatorial seat.

According to reliable sources, the cost of buying a new helicopter ranges from 450 million to 2 billion shillings depending on its size, model, and other factors.

Another factor to consider when evaluating his net worth is that he unsuccessfully vied for Muranga’s gubernatorial seat twice.

According to Odm’s secretary general and the current Nairobi senator, Edwin Sifuna, anyone vying for any gubernatorial seat in the Kenyan counties should be prepared to spend approximately 1 billion shillings during the campaign period.

Final Remarks

Therefore, considering all these factors, despite his exact net worth figures being unknown, we can safely assume that it’s in billions of shillings.

Although he has maintained a low profile since the last general elections, we cannot rule out his attempt at another political come-back or government appointment.

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