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Here’s Why I Left New Creation Church

Via Ngy Kheng

We attend church for spiritual nourishment and to understand the truth about God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, most churches dwell on the prosperity gospel, which most people want to hear rather than what they need to hear. 

I got fed up with all these lies and said goodbye to the New Creation Church.

Here are the main reasons why I had to leave the church.

1. False Teachings 

Growing up, I wanted to know God and draw close to him. As James 4:8 says, ‘Draw close to God, and He will draw close to you,’ and that’s why I joined New Creation Church.

However, I became unsatisfied with Joseph Prince’s teachings, which made me start a personal bible reading daily at home. 

I learned of God being a loving father as 1st John 4:8 calls him love. However, this is not what Prince Joseph taught. He taught of a cruel God, and I hated it when he said that God punishes wrongdoers and that it is according to his will that bad things happen. 

In my search, I wondered if a water source could simultaneously give good and dirty water. The answer was NO! God can’t be so loving and yet so cruel.

 I furthered my reading and searched deeper in the scripture, and that is where I came close to the scripture of James 1:13. The scripture warns that when facing trials, we should not say that God is testing us, for he does not try people. 

This kept me thinking that God does not bring all the cruelty in the world and cannot test us with bad things.

But why did the pastor say God was punishing us for our wrongdoings? 

Well, I had to research again. I found a beautiful scripture that drew my attention. 1St John 5:19. I quote, ‘The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.’ I pondered on it. So, that’s why there’s much suffering in the world, as it lies in Satan’s power. 

I couldn’t take the false teachings in church anymore, so this was one of the main reasons I saw my foot out of the New Life Creation church. 

2. No Love 

Most people who attend church will tell you it is because they are dearly searching for love.

The world is cruel, and many go through a lot in life. The church should be a place where you should feel loved and valued. 

I had to ask myself, do people in my church feel love?

Well, no one seemed bothered about people’s business. Everyone could come to church and move out without even greeting anyone. 

All people did was to hero worship ‘the man of god’ and that took a tall order on me.

I read a scripture in John 13: 34 – 35 that clearly states that God’s people should love one another. For this reason, I had to leave the church. 

3. I Felt Disconnected

I had to make a decision. I had learned the truth in my study, and I couldn’t stand lies anymore.

This made me feel disconnected, and I could only attend church to pass the time.

 As John 8: 31 – 32 puts it, ‘the truth shall set you free’. I could no longer bear to listen to false teachings. 

Though it was a decision that took time, and I had to ensure I was right in what I was doing, I had to say goodbye.

This was after seeing some other church members leave for their reasons.

But since I left, nobody bothered or cared about where I went, and that is when I realized that I had made the best decision ever. 

Disclaimer: Personal Opinion

I am not campaigning that you should leave New Creation church nor encouring you to leave your current church based on my reasons.

But you should get the right bible-based teachings, love, and a deep connection in your church.

It was my personal decision to say goodbye to the New Creation Church. 

I encourage you to read your bible regularly and establish a good relationship with our creator.

That way, you will develop much love and realize he is a caring and loving father.

 Keep tuned as I will reveal which church I joined that makes me happier.

Kenyalogue Contributor


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