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Guys Who Post a Lot on Social Media: Narcissists or Psychopaths?

We were raised in a society that expected men to behave in a certain manner.

They were not expected to break down and cry, show any signs of weakness, or allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Times have changed, and now men and women alike do not fear expressing themselves openly.

As civilization has taught us, sharing is not a sign of weakness. It does depend though on what you share, and with whom.

People have often used social media to post recent happenings in their lives, air their grievances and share their interests.

 It has often been said that if you want to know what’s going on with someone—whether they’ve been dumped, hurt, are in love, on vacation—just check their social media posts.

Though these platforms were formerly used by ladies in most cases, men have also become more and more comfortable putting themselves and their feelings out there.

While there is nothing totally wrong with posting everything happening around you and in your life, is it wrong for a guy to post a lot on social media? Does this make them narcissists or psychopaths?

A psychopath is a person displaying an antisocial personality disorder.

On the other hand, a narcissist is a person who puts too much on their self-importance.

Both terms can simply be used to identify manipulative, egotistic, self-centered guys who only care about “Me! Me! Me!”

Why would such harsh terms be used to describe men who are too active on social media? Let’s take a look.

Guys Who Post Selfies

There are two types of guys who post selfies on social media platforms; those who post random selfies, and those who take time to edit the selfie before posting.

While it is totally normal to occasionally post photos of yourself, the frequency at which you do it says a lot about you.

A guy who edits selfies before posting cares too much about his appearance. He loves himself too much, and so only his needs come first in life. That is a narcissist.

Such guys are possessive, jealous, and selfish. Such edited photos scream out, “I’m all fake, I prefer fake stuff,” and they even have a hard time sustaining relationships because they do not know how to be real.

The narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies are made worse when you comment positively on those selfies.

I have noticed that this makes them post even more frequently, trying to add more filters to make the next selfie look cooler than the previous one.

Even though I did actual research on my own following guys I see post a lot of selfies, the theory of such men tending to have narcissistic or psychopathic behaviors has been scientifically proven in recent years.

For example, in Personality and Individual Differences, researchers collected data from 800 men aged 18 to 40 years.

 In the research, these men were asked about how often they used social media, edited and posted selfies, and the average number of pictures of themselves they had taken in a week.

The same group of men were asked to fill in a questionnaire targeting personality traits, such as antisocial behaviors, narcissistic, and psychopathic tendencies.

The author, Jessie Fox, stated in her findings that guys who posted a lot on social media had more antisocial behaviors than those who didn’t.

So, just post a selfie every now and then…we don’t mind seeing you and knowing what you’ve been up to.

BUT at the same time, avoid elevating yourself to a class you do not belong. People do not want to see the fancy club you visited last weekend or see you wearing some designer wears.

The moment you overdo it, you simply appear to be self-objectifying yourself.

Just be yourself and let us see your real lifestyle.

Guys Who Post Weird Stuff

There is this other group of men who just post weird stuff.

 I recently saw a guy post a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation he had with a female friend who was pursuing him.

That was not the first time I have seen him do that.

Others will just post memes that will make little to no sense.

Like they simply cannot wait to get into a fight with their girlfriends or friends to start posting memes and quotes attacking that other person.

What’s funny is that they are always the victims of such situations.

This is simply a sign of psychopathic behavior.

Such guys try to manipulate people and situations to have things their way.

They will even post apologies just to make an appearance to their friends and gain their empathy.

But at the same time, they act with no remorse toward their victims.

They put secret conversations out there for the world to see.

In most cases, they actually do not pick positive chats. Just ones that humiliate the other person, and open the platform for the world to criticize that other person.

Caring about other people’s feelings makes us keep things to ourselves.

It shows that we have a functioning conscience and that we can tell right from wrong. That is what being normal means.

So a guy who posts weird stuff on the internet without a doubt comes off as both a narcissist and a psychopath.

The Bottom Line

Does this mean it is wrong for a man to post a lot on social media?

Well, it depends.

For instance, we see people who advertise their businesses on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even WhatsApp statuses.

These may include selling products and services delivered. I would refer to such a man as business-smart.

Now there are certain social media aspects, such as posting conversation screenshots, selfies, silly memes, and posting self-accomplished achievements.

These could indicate that a man is either a narcissist or a psychopath.

Always remember, you may take down posts you have posted on social media, but you will still leave a digital footprint—and that one can never be erased.

Somewhere out there will always be a post that says more about you than words can ever express.

So, before posting anything on social media, think to yourself, “What personality trait am I looking to display out there?

Do I want to come off as a normal guy or a psychotic narcissist?”

Kenyalogue Contributor


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