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Government Drivers Salary in Kenya

Government jobs in Kenya, particularly those advertised under the PSC (Public Service Commission) banner, are highly sought after.

While not all government jobs are high paying, they are still highly desirable due to their numerous benefits, such as paid holidays, education/tuition/training reimbursements, a pension plan, and life insurance.

Among the most common government jobs is being a driver.

Like any other government position, the SRC (Salaries and Remuneration Commission) determines the remuneration for this public service role.

To achieve this, the SRC has subdivided government jobs into various groups based on skill sets, education attainment, certification, and training requisites.

Each of these job groups receives a salary package in tandem with the job’s qualifications and responsibilities.

Here is a quick summary of job groups and their respective minimum basic salary per month as recently classified by SRC:


The government driver job was previously part of the D job group but was later converted to CPS B15 job group after SRC’s 2020 salary review.

How Much Does A Government Driver Earn In Kenya?

Currently, a government driver earns a minimum basic monthly salary of Ksh. 16,250.

This figure applies to all other public service staff in the CPS B15 job group.

Prior to the 2020 SCR review, drivers earned a minimum basic salary of Ksh. 14,610 per month.

Understandably so, the SRC deemed it necessary to raise salary packages for all job groups due to the significant rise in the cost of living in recent years.

NOTE: The salary range quoted here is the MINIMUM basic salary. The exact amount a government driver earns depends on several factors, including experience, the arm of government he/she’s working, job qualifications and responsibilities. For instance, government drivers at the office of the president definitely takes home higher figures than their counterparts at the deputy county commissioner offices.


Being that this is a government job, drivers are also entitled to certain allowances in addition to their monthly salary.

These include house allowance, hardship allowance, and DSA (Daily Subsistence Allowance).

 House Allowance

This amount is provided to public service employees to compensate for high housing costs in specific regions.

Certain locations have a higher cost of living rate than others, thus the need to classify allowances in clusters.

Main cities in the country, namely Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nakuru, are considered the most costly places to live, hence are classified as Cluster 1.

Cluster 2 comprises the county headquarters of Naivasha and Malindi.

Lastly, Cluster 3 entails all other county headquarters towns in the country.

Given this classification, government drivers in Cluster 1 receive a housing allowance of 4, 1254 Kshs, Cluster 2 drivers receive 3,375 Kshs, while Cluster 3 drivers receive 2,750 Kshs.

Hardship Allowance

In a bid to attract government employees to hardship areas and the rising cost of living, the SRC also provides government employees with a hardship allowance.

Previously, this allowance was pegged as a certain percentage of an employee’s basic salary.

After the 2014 allowances review, this system was changed to a standard rate for members of each job group.

Currently, government drivers and other members of CPS B15 job group receive a hardship allowance of 3,300 Kshs.


Another integral allowance provided to government drivers is DSA.

This is a facilitative allowance used to help government drivers attend to official duties or assignments within the country.

It is also classified into clusters wherein Cluster 1 drivers receive 4,200 Kshs, Cluster 2 drivers receive 3,500 Kshs. And Cluster 3 drivers receive 2,100 Kshs.

How to Become a Government Driver in Kenya

To become a government driver, there are certain qualifications that one needs to meet. These include:

  • A KCSE mean grade of D or more
  • A valid driver’s license
  • At least 2 years of driving experience
  • A St. John Ambulance or KIHBT (Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology) first aid certificate
  • A valid certificate of good conduct.

Applications for this position are made by filling and submitting the application for employment form that is available at the PSC portal.

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