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Do Rib Tattoos Age Well?

Looking to etch a stunning tattoo on your skin?

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of body art that can preserve memories and express what matters to you.

But have you ever wondered what a tattoo will look like in say, 10 years?

If you are considering getting a tattoo, best understand that its location on the body determines whether or not it can stand the test of time.

Generally, a tattoo will age with the rest of the body. However, the location matters.

A tattoo etched on your bicep is likely to fade more quickly because of factors such as friction and exposure to the sun.

By contrast, the design and appearance of a rib tattoo are likely to resist the effects of aging and, therefore, stay vibrant.

Do you fancy a rib tattoo? How well does it age? And what can you do to preserve the appearance of rib tattoos?

Read on to explore this and more.

Rib Tattoos and the Aging Process

The appearance and longevity of a rib tattoo can be influenced by factors such as the experience level of the tattoo artist, the quality of ink used, the complexity of the tattoo, and changes in body weight.

However, the most significant factor is the aging process.

The ribcage is a great location to etch a tattoo because the surrounding skin will not only holds the ink well but is also less likely to stretch or get distorted when you gain or lose weight.

For that reason, it is best to get tattooed on the upper ribcage. Tattoos that extend lower towards the abdomen may not withstand drastic body changes, including pregnancy.

All things considered, rib tattoos are generally thought to age well.

 The only downside is that tattooing on the ribcage will hurt more.

Of course, people are unique and come with different levels of tolerance to pain.

In the grand scheme of things, however, the skin on the ribcage is similar to that surrounding the elbow and kneecap and has less fat or muscle.

Unlike the butt or thighs, the ribcage is relatively sensitive because the dermis is closer to the bone.

As a result, you may feel more pain and ticklishness when tattooing on the ribcage.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Maintaining a Rib Tattoo

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As already discussed, what matters when getting rib tattoos and, indeed, all other tattoos is the aging process.

However, there are useful hacks you can take advantage of to maintain the vibrancy of your tattoos, including:

1. Experience level of your tattoo artist

The ribcage is quite a delicate body part, which is why it is best to get a qualified tattoo professional to do the job.

Tattoos are etched into the skin layer called the dermis. Its thickness is barely a millimeter, and only an experienced artist can ensure the precision of the needle.

2. Quality of tattoo ink

The market for tattoo ink is vast, with the availability of cheap to top-end brands.

So, do your due diligence to establish a reputable brand, and ask your artist to use your ink of choice.

If you are a first-timer, visit a tattoo enthusiast forum and get members’ opinions.

3. The design

The tattoo design of a tattoo can be small and big or simple and complex. What you decide to go with is ultimately up to you.

As for rib tattoos, it is best to go for minimalistic designs.

Large tattoos are vulnerable to elements such as friction and, over time, they can lose the clear-cut lines that keep them sharp and vibrant.

4. The aftercare

Are you new to the realm of tattoos?

They may look stunning, but plenty of post-tattooing work goes on.

The skin is the largest organ with plenty of extremities to etch a tattoo, but not all parts heal at the same rate.

That is why aftercare is vital. Be ready to keep your skin clean and moisturized because that way, you will preserve your tattoo for years to come.

5. Laser treatment

When you have had your fun and think that it is time to change or remove a tattoo, it is recommended to use laser treatment.

Enlist the services of a qualified physician who will analyze your skin type and recommend appropriate laser settings.

Otherwise, you run the risk of skin pigmentation.


Rib tattoos may feel more painful during the tattooing process, but the good news is that tattoos on this part of the body are less prone to the aging factors.

Their longevity and appearance are considerably better than tattoos etched say, on the foreleg, biceps, or forearm.

 That’s because the skin around the ribcage experiences slightly lower distortion from stretching.


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