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Did Dr Pol’s Horse Have Another Foal?

Dr Pol is a familiar name to animal and pet lovers who have been following his veterinary activities on National Geographic Wild, where his show, The Incredible Dr Pol, has aired for 22 seasons.

The vet has been practicing veterinary medicine since his days in the Netherlands before he relocated to the US in 1970.

The vet initially specialized in cows but started treating other animals like horses and dogs.

He has attended over 20,000 patients on the Nat Geo show.

His Michigan State-based veterinary office receives pet owners in massive numbers who trust Dr Pol’s services.

However, some feel his approach to vet medicine is outdated in the modern world.

Dr Pol mainly uses old-school methods to treat animals, which some viewers and other vets deem unethical and outrageous, especially when he sometimes fails to administer anesthesia when performing surgery or attending to an injured animal.

However, the negative criticism hasn’t slowed Dr Pol’s vet medicine endeavors because most of his audience has no problem with his not-so-modern practices.

Besides offering vet services, Dr Pol runs an animal farm with animals and birds ranging from ostriches, pigs, cows, cats, dogs, ducks, rabbits, and horses.

How about if we shift focus to Dr Pol’s horses and his latest foal?

Dr Pol’s Horse-Keeping in His Farm

One of the animal husbandry practices that Dr Pol is known for is horse rearing.

He reportedly owns over 15 horses, including young foals.

Dr Pol loves his horses and takes excellent care by feeding them a balanced diet, ensuring their stalls remain clean and ventilated, exercising and training, grooming, and hydrating them.

He has managed to keep healthy horses and is determined to grow a lineage of strong horses.

Dr Pol rears several horse breeds like the Friesians, Gypsy Vanners, Quarter horses, Arabians, and Thoroughbreds.

When he and his family are not riding horses or horse racing, he uses them as therapy animals.

You can catch up with the ongoings of Dr Pol’s horses and other animals on his farm by following his social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can also visit his website for additional resources or purchase his wide product range.

Dr Pol becomes elected whenever a mare among his female horses gives birth to a foal, and he doesn’t hesitate to share his joy with his followers.

So, has Dr Pol’s horse given birth to another foal?

Has Dr Pol’s Horse Given Birth to Another Foal?

The latest foal addition in Dr Pol’s horse family is Princess, birthed by one of his female horses, Chocomoon.

This is the latest birth since Anneke’s birth to a male horse earlier this year.

The last time Chocomoon gave birth to a foal was in 2019, and her latest birth brought immense joy to the Doctor and the viewers, who have developed a bond with the horse over the screen.

Earlier this year, fans speculated Chocomoon’s pregnancy because of her behavioral change, and they were right all along.

Chocomoon always produces healthy foals, marking momentous occasions in the Doctor’s fraternity.

Princess is a dark-coated foal with a white-blazed face.

The Doctor and his team always look forward to receiving new arrivals to the growing horse family.

They are dedicated to caring for pregnant mares by ensuring they are well-fed and monitoring signs of weakness or fatigue.

Princess joins other foals that loyal fans are privileged to watch grow into adult horses and give birth to other foals.

You can be among the first to know when Dr Pol’s horses are pregnant and when they give birth by following his accounts and watching his shows on Nat Geo Wild and Disney Plus.

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