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Current Chamgei FM Presenters

Chamgei FM is one of the pioneer vernacular radio stations launched by Royal Media Services in 2005.

The station enjoys an impressive listenership in the Rift Valley and its environs due to its original and captivating shows backed with lively presenters.

Most Chamgei FM presenters have been at the radio station for several years, and the experience has helped them get additional roles.

So, who are these Chamgei FM presenters, and which show do they run?

Read on to familiarize yourself with Chamgei presenters and get to know their social media handles so that you can follow them and get to know them better. 

Newton Matia

Newton has presented at Chamgei since 2011, marking 13 years at the station.

He hosts Chamgei Express, a late-night show for adults that discusses love, family, and intimacy.

When not working, Newton lives travelling, reading, and farming.

You can connect with Maria on his Facebook account Newton Matia.

DJ Kipro

Going by the name Kiprotic Rono, DJ Kipro boasts 12 years of radio career and has no signs of slowing down.

He hosts the popular show Kamata with his counterpart Chebolongisa Towett, entertaining listeners with quality content and music selection.

Besides radio hosting, DJ Kipro is an accomplished Master of ceremony.

His Facebook account goes by the handle Deejay Kipro Rono.

Chebolongisa Towett

Chebolongisa Towett is a lively presenter at Chamgei who, alongside DJ Kipro, entertain listeners with the Kamata Position show.

The show runs from 2 Pm to 5 Pm.

The two co-hosts have a strong chemistry on air that keeps the audience hooked to the show.

Chebolongisa is on Facebook as Chebolongisa Towett.

Cheruto Rop

Cheruto is one of the longest-serving presenters at Chamgei, having joined the station in 2012.

Cheruto presents Chamgei’s morning show Ngeet Kakoech and is also behind the mic in Sunday’s mid-morning gospel show, Ongotoror.

Cheruto also doubles as an actress and has appeared in Citizen TV’s local programs Tahidi High and Inspects Mwala. 

Judith Kiplagat (JB)

Judith, aka JB, is another household name at Chamgei, having served as a presenter for 12 years.

Her lengthy period at Chamgei, among other qualifications, has earned her the Head of Radio title.

Judith, who hosts the Ngomitun Raini show, is a mother of three and a wife.

Judith Kiplagat is an environmentalist who loves planting trees during her off-radio days.

Find her on Facebook at JB & Judith Kiplagat.

Scholastica Biwott

Scholastica is a news presenter at Chamgei FM.

 She also runs a feature called Rireka Iman that highlights issues facing the Kalenjin community.

Away from the Radio, Scholastica Biwott mentors boys and girls in various schools. 

Chepng’eno Caroline

Caroline is an enthusiastic Chamgei presenter behind the humorous show Kap Oljore.

Caroline also goes by the name Ambassador Kwelat.

Catch up with her on her Facebook, Chepng’eno Nashipae Kwelat.

Elphas Lagat

Elphas Lagat spearheads the Chamgei FM Breakfast show, Nee Netesetal, where he interviews political leaders and analysts.

Elphas also headlines the sabbath mix show from 5 am to 10 am.

You can find Elphas Lagat on Facebook at Elphas Arap Lagat.

Carol Jones

Carol is a voice-over artist at Chamgei FM and prepares sports news.

She is the voice behind numerous advertisements and hosts a gospel show on Sunday afternoons.

When not working at the studio, Caro loves cooking and uploading recipe videos on her YouTube channel, Jikoni Nebo Taita.

Her Facebook account is Caro Kones-Taita Ne Chamat.

 Moses Arap Bett

Catholic churchgoers and those who love Catholic songs can catch up with Moses every Sunday on the Misa Mix show from 4 PM to 7 PM.

His Facebook account is Moses Arap Bett.

Gilbert Kiprotich

Alongside Chebolongisa, Gilberts airs the Sports Round Up show.

They cover sports news ranging from soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, athletics, etc.

Sports personalities and leaders also grace the sports show.

Chepngetich Lilian Kirui

Late nights are never dull for Chamgei listeners as Chepngetich keeps them entertained from 12 am to 4 am in her Chamgei Express show.

She goes by Chepng’etich Lilian Kirui -Tetyoo Tornado on her Facebook page.

The above makes the list of Chamgei presenters right now. This page will update information if there will be staff changes at Chamgei FM. 

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