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County Assembly Clerk Salary in Kenya

County assemblies need a clerk for several reasons. Clerks are vital in the functioning of a county government.

They serve as the assembly’s primary executive officer, with functions and powers similar to those of the Clerk of the National Assembly, albeit with minor modifications.

The clerks’ responsibilities include supervising the different departments within the County Assemblies’ services.

Before we delve into how much they are compensated monthly, get to know their roles first. 

Roles of County Assembly Clerks

County assembly clerks have various responsibilities entrusted to them by county governments. They include:

  • They assist in managing budgets and ensure that all budgets are utilized in their intended projects. 
  • They advise the speaker and MCAs on matters concerning the assembly sessions. 

As you can see, county assembly clerks play the above and more roles assigned by different county governments nationwide.

All the responsibilities given to them qualify them for a deserving monthly pay.

So, how much do county assembly clerks make?

County Assembly Clerks Salary

County assembly clerks in Kenya earn up to KES. 350,000 per month.  

The pay is not constant in all counties and varies with experience, qualifications, location, and different county governments’ budgetary allocations. 

County Assembly Clerks Allowances

County assembly clerks enjoy a range of allowances across the 47 counties, including house, transport/mileage, responsibility, and sitting.

The allowances vary depending on various counties’ financial muscle.

However, the SRC guidelines stipulate that county assembly clerks should get a maximum sitting allowance worth Ksh4, 500, a maximum house allowance worth Ksh35, 000, and a maximum commuting allowance worth Ksh10, 000.

Who Pays County Assembly Clerks

County governments hire county clerks. They are nominated by the county assembly service board and approved by the county assembly.

The board appoints the clerk after the Assembly’s approval, making the clerk an employee of the county government.

County governments, therefore, pay county assembly clerks.

County Assembly Clerks Qualification Requirements

The qualification requirements for appointment as Clerk of County Assembly, as stipulated in Section 12 of the County Government Act, are as follows:

  • Must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Must possess a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Kenya or its equivalent
  • Have at least a few years of relevant professional experience
  • Satisfy the Leadership and Integrity requirements outlined in Chapter six of the Kenyan Constitution.

The Battle for Fair Compensation: The April 2021 County Assembly Clerks’ Salary Dispute

In 2021, the Court of Appeal in Kenya rejected an appeal by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) challenging the body’s decision to reduce the monthly pay for county assembly clerks from Ksh 350,000 to Ksh 259,000.

The SRC wanted to lower the clerks’ job group and pay in 2016, a move they say was meant to harmonize salaries of all public workers.

However, the court ruled that the demotion and salary reduction of the clerks were illegal. The judges observed that the clerks serve as accounting officers and CEOs of their respective county assemblies.

Additionally, the court deemed the decision by the SRC to classify the clerks at a lower job group (Class D) than other accounting officers and CEOs (Class E) as discriminatory.

As a result, the clerks will continue to receive their increased salaries.

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