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Black Female Singers Who Died Recently

Death! An enemy of the people! It has robbed the music industry of some of its outstanding stars, and the industry continues to say goodbye to some big names.

Most notable deaths feature black female singers who have contributed hugely to various musical genres like jazz, pop, rock and roll, R&B, and more.

 A handful of them had a pinnacle of excellence in their career and served as inspiration for many. They had unique voices, notable achievements, and accolades to prove their impact in the music industry, but they are no more.

Here is a list of black female singers we lost recently. Although they have slept in death, their music is still alive, and it will always be a reminder of their indelible mark on their careers. 

1. Gina Brown

New Orleans lost their beloved entertainer and singer Gina Brown on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. Gina was one of the main fixtures at the Mardi Gras balls’ festival stages and most community events.

She shared the stage with various artists including Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Earl Turner, and Gerald Levert.

The 59 years old singer was survived by various family members including Pettigrew Tyler, her daughter. 

2.   Marlena Shaw 

Marlena Shaw was an American singer who started her singing career back in the 60s. Her music sampled hip-hop, and television commercials featured most of her songs. 

Some of her popular hits include California Soul, Go Away Little Boy, and Touch Me in the Morning. We will remember her husky voice and sultry stage presence. She died on January 19, 2024.

Her daughter disclosed the bad news of her mother’s untimely death on a video. She didn’t also specify the cause of the death, but she noted that her mother had a peaceful death.

She also added that when the need to announce the cause of her mother’s death is wanted, the family will disclose. 

3.  Zahara 

Bulelwa Mkutukana, professionally known as Zahara, was a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She was famous in her Afro-Soul genre for hits like Phendula

She suffered from liver complications in mid-November 2022, which worsened as a result of her problems with alcoholism. Zahara died on December 11, 2023, aged 36, at a hospital. 

4. Nidra Beard

The lead singer of Dynasty and 80’s soul royalty passed away on December 8, 2023. The Detroit-born singer had been battling cancer for some years.

The group was formed by Dick Griffey and they’re known for their popular song “I’ve Just Begun to Love You.”

Solar Records stated that she was a beautiful soul with an exceptional heart and always saw the best in everyone. 

5.  Jean Knight 

Jean Knight was an American Soul and R&B singer who launched her professional career in the mid-60s. She was famously known for her disdainful and impressively single Mr Big Stuff of 1971.

She met her death on November 22, 2023, at the age of 80. Her publicist confirmed that the death was natural.

6. Sara Tavares

Portugal mourned the loss of Sara Tavares, a popular music icon of Cape Verdean descent on November 19, 2023.

The singer passed away in Lisbon after fighting a brain tumor for years. Sara had been diagnosed with the tumor in 2009.

Sara was known for composing songs in Portuguese-based creole languages and Portuguese.

She is the one who sang the European-Portuguese version of the song “God Help the Outcasts” for “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” a popular Disney movie.

7.  Katherine Anderson 

Katherine Elaine Anderson, fondly known as Katherine Anderson, was an American singer and a member of Marvelettes.

She was fondly known for her hits like Please Mr Postman, Playboy, and Don’t Mess With Bill, to name a few.

Anderson died on September 20, 2023, aged 79, due to congestive heart failure. 

8.  Irish Grinstead 

Irish Grinstead was a singer of the famous R&B girl group 702. The group is popularly known for their hit Where My Girls At. Grinstead died on Saturday, September 16, 2023. 

Her sister Lemisha Grinstead, also a member of the group, announced the bad news on Instagram.

Though she mentioned that her sister had a long battle with her health, we can also confirm that the Irish had taken a medical leave of absence because of some medical issues. 

9.  Sunny Hawkins 

Sunny Hawkins was an acclaimed gospel singer and songwriter known for her hits like Jesus The Same and Love Me Too.

Soul Track Record announced her death after she had a tough battle for seven years with breast cancer stage IV and died on September 4, 2023. 

10.  Sylvia Mdunyelwa

Known in Cape Town as “Mama Kaap,” Silvia lost her life on August 25, 2023. According to her family members, the jazz vocalist passed away in the early morning after being sick for a very long time.

She devoted her life to the music and creative industry while creating opportunities for the youth in her hometown through acting and music. 

11. Angie Oeh

Angelique Greef, popularly known as Angie oeh, passed away on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at Life Wilger Hospital.

The Afrikaan rapper had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a few days before she passed away.

She had been diagnosed with sarcoma, which was as huge as a baseball, back in December 2021 and had it removed in 2022.

A few days before her death, she had shared her condition and the treatments ahead with her fans on her social media pages.

12. Tina Turner 

Anna Mae Bullock, professionally known as Tina Turner, was a songwriter, singer, and actress.

The Queen of Rock’ n’ Roll rose to fame as the lead singer of the husband and wife duo before launching her solo career. 

Her singles A Fool in Love, It’s Gonna Work Out Fine, and What’s Love Got To Do With It are always on top of the playlist.

Tina died on May 24, 2023, at the age of 83, at her home in Switzerland after battling a long illness of intestinal cancer and stroke. 

13. Grace Bumbry 

Grace Melzia Bumbry was an American opera singer who was the leading soprano of her time. Grace died on May 7, 2023, at the age of 86. 

Her death problems started back in 2022 when she had a stroke on her flight to New York. Her health later declined, and she died from stroke-related complications in a hospital in Vienna. 

14. Linda Lewis 

Linda Ann Fredricks, fondly known as Linda Lewis, was a singer, musician, and songwriter famous for her 1973 hit Rock a Doodle Doo

Her other discography includes solo albums, including Not A Little Girl Anymore and Woman Overboard, among others.

Linda died a natural, peaceful death on May 3, 2023, at the age of 72, at her home in Waltham Abbey.

15. Ida Mcbeth 

Ida Mae McBeth was a versatile singer who had a soulful, captivating, and delightful voice and produced jazz, blues, pop-style ballads, and R&B gospel. 

She was famous for her hit albums Special Request, A Gift of Song, and Live on the Vine, among others.

She lost her battle on March 1, 2023, at 70 years old, after facing an extended illness. 

16. Lilian Walter-Moss

Lilian Walter-Moss was the founding member of Exciters, the seminal girl group, with only one male member who came into the group later.

The group was famous for their hits, including Tell Him I Want You To Be My Boy, to name a few.

She passed on February 5, 2023, at the age of 78, due to a rare type of cancer called angiosarcoma. 

17. Gangsta Boo 

Gangsta Boo, fondly known as Lady Boo or The Devil’s Daughter, was an American rapper who met her untimely death on January 1, 2023, aged 43 years. She was found dead in her mother’s home in Memphis, Tennessee. 

In June 2023, it was public that her death occurred as a result of an accidental overdose of cocaine, alcohol, and fentanyl.

Boo will be remembered for her hits, including Enquiring Minds, Both Worlds *69, among others. 

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The above black female singers entertained us through their stellar years. We will always celebrate them for their remarkable achievements. Though they are no more, we pay our tribute, and until we meet again, may their souls continue to rest in peace. 

Nikita Waruguru

Nikita Waruguru is a Kenyalogue freelance writer who focuses on TV, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. She's been interested in TV and entertainment from a young age. She wrote her first blog post 10 years ago and has since written more than 3000 news articles, features, and lists. When she's not writing about the latest Netflix reality shows, you can find her binge-watching one or listening to music.

Nikita Waruguruhttp://kenyalogue.com
Nikita Waruguru is a Kenyalogue freelance writer who focuses on TV, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. She's been interested in TV and entertainment from a young age. She wrote her first blog post 10 years ago and has since written more than 3000 news articles, features, and lists. When she's not writing about the latest Netflix reality shows, you can find her binge-watching one or listening to music.

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