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List of Most Famous Patricia Allison Movies and TV Shows

Patricia Allison is a 28-year-old British-born Kenyan actress, Singer, Instagram star, and social media personality, born December 7, 1994.

She started stage performances at the tender age of 10, with her first appearance being in an Oliver Twist production at the Royal Opera House.

She has training in both musical theatre and acting. Allison graduated from the East 15 Acting School in Loughton Essex with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting.

She began her acting career in 2018. During this time she has secured roles such as lead character, support cast, and voice artist in comedy films.

Since then she has engaged in different acts and musicals. Learn more about her here.

The following is a list of Allison’s movies and TV shows, starting with the most to the least famous.

1. Sex Education

Sex Education is a British-set sex comedy-drama featuring teens, parents, and staff of a fictional secondary school as they tackle personal conundrums related to their sex lives.

The series was created by Laurie Nunn.

Before joining the series in 2019, Allison was only playing minor roles.

She started out as a support role, but in 2020 her character was promoted to major role.

She made her first appearance as Ola Nyman in season 1 episode 4 of sex education, a female in her late teens who joins Moordale Secondary School at age 16. Ola is the daughter of Jakob.

 She later left in season 3 episode 8.

This Netflix-based film has gained Patricia a lot of publicity, and many fans were sad to see her leave.

2. Superworm

Superworm is a British computer-animated film. It was broadcasted on BBC One on December 25, 2021, running for 25 minutes.

The film is about a worm, super in every way, from length to strength.

The worm is always helping its friends, and when its life is in danger, it’s up to his friends to repay his kindness and protect him.

Allison plays as the voice of the Butterfly.

3. Tiny Cow

Tiny Cow is a short comedy film that runs for 16 minutes.

A young woman, Veronica, finds a tiny cow in a milk pack and writes a complaint to the store that supplies the milk.

Aware that Veronica and her friends like to mess around, especially with Adam, Adam dismisses the complaint and doesn’t submit it to the boss.

Allison plays Veronica “Ronnie”.

4. Behind The Filter

Directed by Ella Jones, Behind the Filter is a 15-minute movie of the comedy genre.

It is about a young woman trying to make something of herself by starting a podcast.

The epiphany hits her after she realizes she’s not where she had hoped to be, being over 25, unemployed, and living with her parents.

Patricia Allison is cast as Charlotte.

5. Extraordinary

This TV comedy is a Disney+/Star superhero fiction created by Emma Moran and produced by Charles Palmer.

 It first aired on January 25, 2023, and seems to have received high ratings thus far.

The series focuses on the life of Jen, a 25-year-old who lives in a world where everyone receives superhero powers by age 18, yet hers seem to be taking their sweet time to emerge.

 And so she tries everything she can possibly think of to jumpstart them.

Allison appears in only one episode of this continuing series as Hannah, a character with the power to teleport, who, like Jen, reached the age of 25 before she could discover her own powers.

6. Thanks For The Memories

This is a mini-television series released in 2019. It is based on a Cecilia Ahem novel published in 2013 with the same title.

The series follows the happy and fulfilling life of Joyce, who has a great job and a nice boyfriend.

She meets with a crazy accident and wakes up with memories that are not hers after having received a blood transfusion.

This was Allison’s first TV debut, where she played the role of Claudia.

7. His Dark Materials

Allison plays the voice of Kirjava in His Dark Materials, a mystical series Science Fictional drama series that aired on BBC One.

The series tells the story of an orphan living in a parallel universe where science and magic cross paths.

In her quest to search for her friend, she discovers the truth about her parents and her role in a prophesied destiny.

Allison was only cast in two episodes of this 23-episode series.

8. The Allotment

Written by Esther Coles and produced by Gareth Edwards, The Allotment is a BBC radio sitcom.

The first episode was first broadcasted on 12 January 2017.

Allison appears in this sitcom as Molly.

9. Les Misérable

This is a BBC TV mini-series that aired in 2018-2019. Allison made an appearance in one of the episodes as Marguerite.

10. Unprecedented: Real-Time Theatre From A State Of Isolation

Unprecedented is a UK television play comprising 14 parts. It was recorded remotely in 2020 and broadcast on BBC Four.

It features most of the UK celebrated actors as they share how they coped with life during the lockdown.

Allison cast the role of Ellie in one of the miniseries’ episodes.

11. Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a character illusion based on the Oliver Twist novel written by Charles Dickens.

Allison portrays Rose Maylie in this Podcast series.

12. The Sharpie

The Sharpie is a blackmail gone wrong film. There is no dialogue, just telling of a story using images only.

The Sharpie (Patricia Allison) is caught in a twist after her attempts at blackmail go wrong, and he is held to a ransom herself.

This thriller is a compilation of suspense and mystery.

13. Moving On

Moving On is a Jimmy McGovern television drama series.

The show comprises 12 series that aired in bits from May 2009 to March 2021.

Each of the characters is portrayed as dealing with hardships and reaching that turning point in life.

Patricia was featured in the episode ‘A Walk in My Shoes’ as Charlie.

14. Good Boy

This is a short horror genre film that runs for only 9 mins. It features a cute tiny dog that turns into a psychotic killer while with its sitter.

Allison has appeared in a couple of podcasts, such as The Happy Va*gina, Being an Artist Is F**king Killing Me, and Shakespeare x The Multiverse.

In theatre, she has played as a support cast.

 The plays she has been involved in include Henry TV, Our Town, Uncle Vanya, Scenes From A Sexual Obsession, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, Tenderloin, And Michael’s Effect & Veneer.


Allison is currently working on some film set to hit the studios soon.

One of them is Recursive Dreams, which is still in the pre-production stage. Allison will be taking on the character Zin.

Another one that is post-production is Paradise, a Hawaii-set Western firm. She will star alongside Tate Donovan as Ella Patchet, “a rebellious punk” seeking justice for the murder of her father from the law enforcement.

The role will see her grow into a responsible young woman in her quest for justice, where she will encounter countless stumbling blocks.

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