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All About Esperanza Nyong’o, Lupita Nyongo’s Sister

Kisumu County Governor Professor Anyang Nyongo has been in the limelight since joining active politics in 1992.

He has risen in rank in his political career, starting as a Member of Parliament, Minister, Senator, and Governor.

Years later, Anyang Nyong’o and his wife Dorothy have a famous family not only because of his political involvement but Lupita’s shining star in Hollywood.

However, you already know much about Lupita and her Oscar-winning thriving acting career in the US, so our focus this time shifts to one of her younger sisters, Esperanza Nyong’o.

If this is the first time you are reading about Esperanza, this piece will prove insightful in letting you know her better and what she is up to.

Famous families barely escape castigation from the public eye, no matter the level of privacy they try to achieve.

Lupita voluntarily lives her life publicly without hiding anything from her fans, but the same can’t be said about her siblings like Esperanza.

However, the media has an eye for details, and in one way or another, there are always pieces of information about private lives that make their way to the public.

Well, Esperanza has been generous enough to share her love and career life on social media, one of the several aspects of her life this bio will be highlighting.

Read on to know her better, and what better way to start than a summary of Esperanza’s profile?

Esperanza Nyong’o Profile Summary

Full NameEsperanza Wamoni Nyong’o
Date of BirthUnknown
AgeIn her 30’s
ParentsAnyang’ Nyong’o and Dorothy Nyong’o
SiblingsThree sisters and one brother
EducationBachelors and Masters in Business Administration
ProfessionSports Management
HusbandNyabiya Masesa Dadi
Networth700 million
Social MediaLinkedIn, Facebook

Esperanza Nyong’o Upbringing

Esperanza was born and raised in Kenya.

She has a twin sister, Fiona Nyong’o, a consultant, fashionista, and poet.

Her other siblings include the only son in the family, Peter Junior Nyong’o.

Peter studied theater and is an actor like her sister Lupita. He also sings, plays soccer, and is a DJ.

Peter married the love of his life Wanja Wahoro in 2020, a wedding that Lupita couldn’t physically attend due to covid-19 travel restrictions.

Esperanza’s other sibling is Zawadi Nyong’o, a 42-year-old soul care and yoga practitioner who is also a self-proclaimed feminist.

Her other sibling sister Lupita Nyongo needs no introduction. She went from acting in local films like Shuga to the internationally acclaimed Twelve Years a Slave and Black Panther and has since become a Hollywood sweetheart.

Despite being born into a wealthy family, Esperanza and her siblings have become independent and pursue different professions.

However, one can’t help but notice that none of the Nyong’o children is interested in politics like their father, not even Peter, which shows that politics isn’t for everyone.

But who knows, one or two among them may decide to venture into politics in the near future to carry on their father’s political legacy, which has taken him many years to build.

Esperanza’s Education Timeline

Moneyed politicians like Anyang’ Nyong’o enroll their children in the best schools.

There is zero information touching on Esperanza’s elementary, primary, and secondary education, but there is no doubt she schooled in prestigious schools.

Lupita schooled at Rusinga international school and St. Mary’s School, but there isn’t information confirming that her siblings studied in the same schools.

Esperanza’s tertiary education is, however, in the public domain.

She did her bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at USIU (United States International University) from 2008 to 2012.

While at USIU, Esperanza joined the institution’s lady’s soccer team. Esperanza has a soft spot for sports, which is eminent from her decision to study Master in Business Administration, Sports Management option at the Universidad Europea from 2013 to 2014.

Now that you know a bit about Esperanza’s educational background, what about familiarizing yourself with her career?

Esperanza Nyong’o Career Timeline

After graduating, Esperanza kicked off her career as an administration volunteer at her mother’s Cancer Foundation from 2012 to 2013.

 Dorothy Nyong’o founded Africa Cancer Foundation to spread information on the prevention, management, and treatment of cancer after her husband, Anyang Nyong’o, was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

 At the foundation, Esperanza organized events such as cancer screening for members of the public.

After working at ACF for a while, Esperanza joined the Embassy of the USA for another internship.

Her role at the Embassy involved researching Kenya’s trade opportunities.

Per Esperanza’s LinkedIn profile, she works at Icon Sports Marketing, reflecting her passion for sports.

She is dedicated to facilitating a professional environment for aspiring sportsmen and women in the country.

Esperanza Nyong’o Love Life

With all her achievements and being a sibling to a decorated actress, you must be curious to know the lucky man in Esperanza’s life.

Esperanza is married to Nyabiya Masesa Dadi. The duo tied the knot in a lavish and invite-only intimate wedding in 2015, attended by who-is-who in the political class.

The private occasion went down at Naivasha’s Great Rift Valley Lodge.

 Lupita was definitely in attendance, the wedding taking place a year after she scooped the prestigious Oscar accolade that made her a sensation worldwide.

Stringent measures had to be taken at the wedding venue, such as confiscating the hotel staff’s phones to prevent leakage of the wedding photos.

 You can imagine the hotel staff trying to photograph Lupita and other dignitaries and leaking the images online of a private occasion that had hired an accredited photographer.

It was reported that Lupita was incognito at the wedding, making it difficult to identify her among the guests quickly.

Her sneaky visit to the country was kept under wraps, and her presence became public after the wedding.

Among the political dignitaries who graced the event was former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, a close ally of Anyang’ Nyong’o.

Masesa Dadi comes from Tanzania, and it’s unclear how they met and built a relationship blossoming into marriage.

Esperanza’s husband works as an IT Audit Manager and a basketball coach at Kisumu’s Adili Sports Academy.

 The sports academy enrolls girls and boys from all walks of life at a fee and trains them how to play professional basketball.

The academy also seeks financial support from well-wishers to help them enroll girls and boys from financially disadvantaged homes.

Clearly, Masesa and Esperanza share a love for sports, probably one of the characteristics that attracted them to each other.

There are no details regarding the couple’s children, so it’s unclear whether they have grown their family.

Additionally, there isn’t information about the couple’s official residence, which could be in Kenya or Tanzania, where her husband comes from.

Esperanza Nyongo Social Media

If you search for Esperanza Nyong’o on social media, you will only find her on Facebook.

However, there is no recent information about her because she lastly posted on her Facebook account in 2019.

She also has a private Instagram account with the user name wammywammy, whose content is only accessible to accepted followers.

Esperanza is a private person, unlike her siblings, who are active on social media.

 Also, her Facebook profile indicates that she lives in Madrid, Spain, which is also difficult to confirm, given the scarcity of recent information.

 Esperanza has a mastery of five languages; Dholuo, Kiswahili, English, Spanish, and German.

She can, therefore, comfortably survive in European countries because the language barrier is not an issue for her.

Her husband has an active Facebook account whose content is mainly work-related.

 However, his last posts date back to January 2023, meaning he hasn’t posted anything in months.

Esperanza Nyongo Net Worth

Besides her career, it is hard to establish if Esperanza has businesses or investments.  

There is no doubt that she has a well-paying career, given that she comes from a wealthy family that is well-connected in the job market.

 Also, she wouldn’t have difficulties raising capital with her husband to run a business.

Her husband also has a lucrative IT career, so their collective net worth must be in the millions.

An unofficial source places Esperanza’s net worth at Ksh 700 million, making it an unconfirmed report.

Lupita is the only sibling in the Nyong’o family whose net worth has been published by several outlets, most of them placing it slightly above $10 million as of 2023.

Esperanza Nyong’o: Latest Updates

Esperanza leads a private life, making it almost impossible to keep up with her life.

Leading a private life also means it is hard for her to be linked to any controversies or blog gossip.

The last time Esperanza made headlines was during her 2015 wedding because of the high-profile guests in attendance.

Esperanza and her husband shared a few wedding photos on their social media accounts.

No recent information touches on her whereabouts or what she is doing now.

It is difficult to establish whether she will resume posting on her social media or if she has decided never to return.

She may be active on her Instagram, which may be difficult to determine because her account is private.

Last year in April, Lupita posted her siblings on Instagram celebrating National siblings day, and Esperanza was in the family photo.

It was unclear when the photo was taken, but it must have been one of the few times Lupita has visited home since relocating to the US.

You can count on this page to provide the latest information about Esperanza whenever it comes up.

 For now, you’ve just read all we could gather about Esperanza, which is a good start in knowing the Nyong’o siblings besides the famous Lupita.

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