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30 African Proverbs About Community 

Proverbs are vital in every African community. They serve as repositories of cultural identity, moral guidance, and wisdom.

Africa has many inspiring proverbs, especially about communities. If you’re passionate about African cultures, these 30 proverbs about community will grab your attention.

1. You can’t clap with a single hand ~ Wolof Proverb

It would be best to have others to excel or succeed in your endeavor. Your input alone can’t make you shine.

2. It’s hard to break ten intertwined fingers but easy to bend them when they separate ~ Amharic Proverb

It’s hard to fight and bring down a united community, but it’s easy to defeat when it disintegrates.

3. One hair can’t braid a rope ~ Fulani Proverb

One person can’t make a community thrive for centuries. Shared responsibility, support, and collective action are paramount for the community’s welfare and progress.

4. A united community is like a mountain; a dived society is a valley ~ Banyoro Proverb

Solidarity and unity are vital within a community. These two attributes give a society a sense of entity, helping it overcome challenges. Divisions within the community weaken its collective strength.

5. Many hands make work easier ~ Tanzania Proverb

It’s hard to achieve a lot on your own, but cooperating with others can make a difficult task much more manageable. Collective effort makes things efficient.

6. The entire head feels it when one hair strand breaks ~ Dioula Proverb

Everyone plays an integral role within their community. Each person’s well-being affects the whole community. We should strive to find out about each other’s welfare.

7. Famine can’t defeat two people ~Igbo Proverb

Collaboration and unity within a community are paramount. People who navigate hardships together will strengthen and support each other, making any daunting situations more manageable.

8. One log doesn’t light a fire ~ Zulu Proverb

Teamwork and unity are vital for achieving goals. We need others to achieve our goals.

9. Unity is priceless ~ Yoruba Proverb

The benefits of collaborating with others and supporting each other are invaluable. Unity is a critical asset in every society.

10. Those who walk together climb mountains ~ Somali Proverb

A community that walks together achieves noble things

 11. People build a village ~ Zulu Proverb

Collective effort is vital for building and sustaining strong communities.

12. Togetherness is life ~ Gikuyu Proverb

Disharmony within a community weakens it to the core. Shared experiences and strong social bonds in a community are priceless. Living in unity and harmony contributes to a community’s happiness and well-being.

13. Iron sharpens iron ~ Yoruba Proverb

We learn through interaction with others. No one, regardless of how wise, can learn and grow alone.

14. Building a village is like building a home ~ Shona Proverb

You can secure your position and ensure your position within your community by taking collective responsibility. Reciprocal relationships in a society can foster a sense of collective responsibility.

15. Unity is strength; disunity is division ~ Swahili Proverb

A community’s strength lies in its unity. Divisions in the community make the community as a whole weak and vulnerable to enemies.

16. One can’t lift a mortal pestle ~ Nyamwezi Proverb

Some tasks need the collective skills and the strength of multiple individuals. Working together is the secret to a community’s success.

17. Every eye shines within the community~ Bakongo Proverb

A community should celebrate its diversity and appreciate the value of each community member. Every member brings unique perspectives and skills, enriching the whole community.

18. One spark can’t light a fire ~ Ovimbundu Proverb

An individual’s effort isn’t enough to achieve goals and overcome challenges. It takes a collective effort to start and maintain progress within a community.

19. Kindness is wealth~ Luo Proverb

Your acts of generosity will enrich your life and contribute to your community’s well-being.

20. A farmer doesn’t feast alone~ Makonde Proverb

Your work will benefit the whole community. Prosperity is sharable, and a community thrives through generosity and mutual support.

21. People are pillars ~Tonga Proverb

Each individual contributes to their community’s stability and strength

22. People cultivate the world~Ndebele Proverb

Collective action can transform a community and its surroundings just as we cultivate our lands to make them flourish

23. Cultivating harmony is like cultivating a garden~ Dinka Proverb

Fostering harmony within your community requires dedication, just like cultivating a garden demands ongoing care.

24. Twisting together makes a rope strong~ Zaghawa Proverb

There is strength in numbers within a community

25. We are humans because of others~ Serer Proverb

Individual traits don’t define our humanity but rather the interactions and relationships we have with others.

26. A community’s prosperity doesn’t lie in one person~ Mandinka Proverb

Everyone’s participation and contribution are crucial for a community’s progress

27. Everybody falls when the community falls~ Fulani Proverb

Individuals’ fate depends on the fate of their community

28. Unity can make a singer finger a fist ~Tuareg Proverb

Individuals within a community can make a formidable force when they come together

29. Bringing hands together can overcome death~ Berber Proverb

Individuals within a community can overcome grave obstacles if they decide to work together.

30. Our village, our fire ~ Dioula Proverb

Your community is the source of your support, warmth, and belonging.

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