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35 Fascinating African Spirituality Proverbs that will Enrich Your Spiritual Path

The African society is known for its inclination to spirituality. Almost all African societies believe in spiritual beings and have expressed this belief using different means.

One of these ways is African proverbs that are drawn from the diverse African societies like the ones below.

1: When you lose on the drum beatings of the gods, you lose on the rhythm and pace of life

This West African proverb emphasizes the importance of remaining guided and in the light of God at all times to avoid serious consequences.

2: What the gods keep for the poor no man can destroy

This West African proverb is used to illustrate the importance of God’s promise, which cannot be corrupted or altered.

3: If you wait for the downfall of a king, the gods will not make it sound

This African proverb is often used to highlight the protection the gods have on their kings.  It used to remind the king’s enemies that the gods are there to protect the kings at all times no matter what.

4: It is when one holds the sacrificial lamb that he begins to seek the gods.

This African proverb is often used to portray the right way to appease the gods in times of wrong doing or transgression.

5: The voices of the ancestors are the voices of gods

This African proverb is mostly used to highlight the essence of ancestors in the African society and their connection to the supreme beings.

6. The Supreme Being does not spit to the ground and take it back again with his tongue

This West African proverb speaks to the sacred nature of the Supreme Being who ordains forever in his kingdom.

7: God’s rain falls even on the witch

This Tanzanian proverb means that God’s favors are not selective. Regardless of how sinful some people might be, they still enjoy God’s blessings.

8: He who drinks wine without libation is a traitor to the gods.

This West African proverb is often used to warn people of stepping out of the pact they have with the gods.

9: God sees everywhere every time

This Akhan proverb means that God is omnipresent; he is everywhere all the time.

10: Being hated by a human being does not equate to being hated by God.

This Tanzanian proverb talks to the love of God who loves all people equally unlike men who are selective.

11: A Child is not taught about God

This is an Ashanti proverb that speaks to the immense knowledge everyone has about God almighty such that they need no reminder about him.

12: He that dines with the gods must do so with a long spoon

This West African proverb is used to warn people of demonstrating great care anytime they are in the presence of the gods.

13: To be called is to be sent

This West African proverb is normally used to illustrate the weight of a spiritual calling and what it means to people who are privileged to get this call.

14: When you are a stranger in a land, may you have your share if good comes to it, and if bad comes, let it go to the owners of the land who know what gods should be appeased.

This African proverb teaches on the importance of not interfering in other people’s spiritual matters especially in places where spiritually consequences are unknown.

15: Never throw away your net if you catch nothing, you don’t know what the gods are planning next.

This African proverb is normally used to illustrate the mysterious ways through which gods work and why people should never give up on them.

16: A sin against a brother or sister is an offence against the gods

This Ghanaian proverb teaches against sinning against a brother or sister for sin done to anyone is like sin committed to God.

17: A good devil is equal to a bad god

This African proverb simply means that there is no bad god or good devil, it is a paradox.

18: He who does not know is forgiven by God

This African proverb is normally used to mean that God unlike the law forgives or pardons ignorance.

19: God conceals himself from the mind of man but reveals himself to his heart.

This proverb from Africa speaks to the nature of God who if sought can only reveal himself to the heart.

20:  When you throw a stone at God, it lands straight on your head

This African proverb means that God cannot be mocked, tempted or even dealt with like a human being. He is God almighty.

21: Our ancestors are still living, don’t forget to seek them

This African talks of the everlasting nature of ancestors who are always around and ready to help in case they are needed.

22: Stop being afraid of the spirit world; you’re going there anyway.

This African proverb has a lot to do with the spiritual world which lies at the end of the world. The proverb only reaffirms that everyone will get to this world at some point later in life.

23: The wisdom of the gods is perfect

This African proverb is used to detail how perfect the gods are, everything they do is done with great precision and accuracy to human gain.

24: A man cannot challenge his spirit in a wrestling match

This African proverb reminds people to always trust their spirit and never get into any conflicts with it as that is not possible by any means.

25: A man gets to the land of spirits when he passes seven rivers, seven forests, and seven hills.

This African proverb is often used to describe how difficult it is to get to the spiritual world physically, literally it is impossible.

26: If you can see sunset, believe you have seen the hand of God

This African proverb reminds people of the grace of God who takes through difficult times and delivers them to a good end.

27: A spiritual leader is able to see the past, the present and the future

This African proverb explains just how deep the power of the spirit is.  Anyone with spiritual powers can see what other people cannot see.

28: It costs you good spirit to steal than buying or seeking

This African proverb teaches people on the importance of spirit and why it must be protected at all times by refraining from things that might cost them their spirit.

29: It is the spirit that walks a person through darkness

This African proverb carries great strength as it reminds Africans that a strong spirit can take them through situations that are extremely difficult.

30: You can kill a man’s identity on earth but you cannot kill his spirit

This African proverb is used to show that the spirit never dies; it lives on even after death.

31: The drum is the favourite instrument of the spirits

This African proverb teaches Africans on the best way to contact and appease the god’s to gain their audience.

32: Sometimes the spirits speaks for you and sometimes the spirits makes you speak

This African proverb is often used to detail how the spirit manifests itself differently in different people.

33: A woman who pursues a man for sex looses her spiritual beauty

This African proverb is used to warn women of the possible dire consequences that come with promiscuity, which can compromise their spiritual strength.

34:  Gods do not have a religion

This Congolese proverb shows just how much the gods are regarded in the African society to a point of not being bound by religion and other things.

35: At the bottom of patience, one finds heaven

This West African proverb reminds everyone that for them to get to heaven or enjoy what the gods have kept for them, they must first of all demonstrate great patience.

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