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15 Hills in Kenya You Should Explore For an Enchanting Trip

Kenya is famously known for its wildlife, wilderness, beautiful sceneries, and favorable weather conditions all year round. This attracts tourists from all over the world, including some locals.

The diversity of options from road trips to national parks, game reserves, beaches, lakes, and parks provides an endless list of to-dos in the country.

And truth be told, even those of us who are lovers of adventure can admit that we haven’t explored even half of our country’s awe-inspiring natural wonders.

In this post, I will take you through often undermined hills found in Kenya that are worth visiting, some of which you probably never knew were such beautiful sceneries to visit.

Let’s dive right in…

1.Ngong Hills: The Perfect Hiking Experience

Located southwest of Nairobi, Ngong Hills are peaks in a ridge found along the Great Rift Valley.

The seven hills run all the way from Ngong Town at 1961m above sea level, and end at Kona Baridi (cold corner).

There are a bunch of activities you can engage in at the Ngong hills, such as zip lining, hiking, picnicking and camping.

The 11.5km stretch takes about 7 hrs of hiking, making it a one-day activity.

Buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, porcupines, dik-diks, wild pigs, and a variety of birds have made the Ngong Hills their home.

2. Chyulu Hills: The Volcanic Scenery National Park

Talk about beauty in its natural state. The Chyulu Hills evergreen natural park is located in Makueni County.

Found within the park is one of the longest lava tubes in the world, Leviathan Cave, which runs for over 11km.

The weather here is suitable for long walks.

This is a great place for nature walks, trekking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, camping, endless variety of bird watching, among many other activities.

The beautiful volcanic scenery is unmatched by any other in the country, with its black lava rocks and lava flows still bringing the formation of the hills close to mind.

During the dry months, that is January and February, and June to October, you can enjoy a variety of wildlife viewing.

3. Karisia Hills: An Excellent Trekking Destination

Located to the east of Maralal, the Karisia Hills, also referred to as Leroghi Range, are mostly known for safaris.

The treks take up to 8 days and 7 nights, with camping sites situated in different parts of the hills.

Walking in the bushes in an easy-to-get-lost safari, and making risky climbs on large rocks makes it a thrilling experience.

The landscapes provide a beautiful view of the forest, rocks, and wildlife.

Camels, buffalos, elephants, warthogs, zebras, and gazelles are some of the wildlife found at Karisia hills. You can also enjoy watching a variety of bird life.

A river flowing between the hills with dry river beds provides a perfect stroll path for those seeking to view hippos.

There is an endless of things to enjoy in one visit to the Karisia Hills.

4. Loita Hills: The Savanna And Pastoral Paradise

If you are seeking a visit to the real wilderness, this is your place.

Here, you not only get to enjoy the Maasai culture but also experience the African bush. The hills are located on the northeast of Maasai Mara.

Wildlife can be spotted roaming around in this hillside scenery. Wildlife found here are monkeys, buffalos, elephants, zebras and birds.

A walking safari in this wonderful destination takes between three to six days.

5. Kudu Hills: Nature Campground

This is a nature park located in Kajiado County, Kenya.

If you are looking for a quiet weekend, some alone time, or to just relax, this is a superb getaway destination for you.

The experience includes a bunch of activities such as mountain biking, hiking, pitching tents, and building camp fires.

6. Cherang’any Hills: The Great Rift Valley Treasure

The hills are located on the Great Rift Valley, covering up to half of the western Rift.

The hills cover a 13-forest reserve block and are a water catchment area for the Nzoia, Kerio, and Turkwel rivers.

The ranges are home to the white-bearded monkey and a variety of indigenous plants.

The cool weather, forests, sceneries, and excellent birding make this a true African paradise.

At the ranges, you can enjoy viewing the Pokot and Turkana plains.

7. Taita Hills: An Enchanting Hiking Experience

The hills are located in Mtito Andei along Mombasa Road.

They are covered with arid savannahs and tropical rainforests.

Beautiful plants and a variety of animals can be spotted in this landscape while enjoying an amazing hiking experience.

8. Loroghi Hills: A Perfect Track Hiking Site

The Loroghi hills are located in the wild and isolated region in the Northern part of Kenya, near Maralal town.

They are most suitable for trekking. Hikers trek all the way to Lesiolo Escarpment, enjoying a beautiful view of the Rift Valley.

It is suitable for group and solo hikers.

9. Shimba Hills: A Coastal Forest Reserve

Shimba hills national reserve is located in the coastal region, about 33km from Mombasa.

It is home to elephants, antelopes, monkeys, buffalos, bushbabies, squirrels and a variety of birds.

For those of us who are “lazy walkers”, a hike on the Shimba Hills is only 4.6km long, with Sheldrick waterfall only 2.5km from the starting point.

10. Kijabe Hill: An Adventure-Lover’s Destination

This is a beginner-friendly hiker’s destination.

The hike is 11km long, which takes a maximum of 7hr to complete. It is located in Kijabe, Northwest of Nairobi.

While hiking, you enjoy a view of Lake Naivasha, Mt Longonot, Elephant Hill, Kikuyu Escarpment, and steep trails of the Great Rift Valley.

11. Elephant Hill: The Unrivalled Hiking Destination

This is the ideal hiking adventure for those seeking a real challenge before hitting the Mt Kenya hike.

It is located on the southern end of the Aberdare Ranges in Nyandarua County, Njabini, approximately 90km north of Nairobi.

The bamboo forest provides cover from the sun as the hike gets more challenging.

However, the Ranges view from the summit makes the trek totally worth it.

Here you get to see the Saumua and Ndakaini Dams and the Kinangop peak.

12. Iveti Hills: The Thick Montane Forest

Located in Machakos County, this is the ideal family picnic, hiking, and camping site.

The thick montane forest consists of cedar and pine trees, which provide a home to small herbivores.

13. William Hill: A Beginner’s Journey

Situated along the Kijabe-Uplands forest, William Hill is the most suitable hiking destination for beginners.

The distance from Nairobi is about 75km and only 7.5km from the Mai Mahiu road.

From the top, the hill provides a perfect paranomic view of the Great Rift Valley.

Aside from adventure and trekking, the hill is also a historical area.

The 28km hike takes approximately 6hrs.

14. Ol Donyo Sabuk: The Ultimate Panoramic Experience

It is located in Kyanzavi division in Machakos County.

It pays homage to 45 bird species, as well as wildlife such as buffalo, leopard, mongoose, monkeys, bush pig, bushbaby, python, monitor lizard, porcupine and many more.

Trekkers can hike to the top of the mountain through one route that passes by the 14 falls. The hike takes just a day.

It is possible to view both My Kenya and My Kilimanjaro while at the park.

Key activity here is mountain climbing. There are other activities you can engage in as well while visiting the park.

15. Nyambene Hills: The Incredible Meru Climb

Situated in the Udzungwa Mountains in Meru County, the hill’s peak is 2500m above the sea level.

The hill is surrounded by the Nyambene forest, providing cool atmosphere for hikers.

At the top of the hill is a clearing covered with grass, and a beautiful pool that collects water during the rainy seasons.

Camping and hiking are the main activities you can enjoy at Nyambene hills.

However, there are other various activities to engage in at the Meru Conservation Area.

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