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Wilbroda Salary, Age, Tribe, Husband, Wedding & Other Facts 

Jackline Nyaminde, aka Wilbroda, has been a household name in Kenya since the early days of Papa Shirandula’s show on Citizen TV.

Her acting on the show made her who she is today, and she commands influence in the entertainment industry.

The show may have ended years ago, but it was enough platform to catapult her to the fame she enjoys today.

Wilbroda works as a radio presenter at Milele FM alongside Alex Mwakindeu in their popular breakfast show. 

Like other celebrities, Wilbroda’s public and private life attracts the attention of many Kenyans eager to know what happens in her life.

This post aims to indulge you in Wilbroda’s life out of the public eye.

Read on to learn how much she makes from her radio career and other side hustles, her family, her age, and other details you probably aren’t aware of. 

Wilbroda’s Salary

The celebrated radio presenter joins a list of well-paid radio personalities in Kenya because of her influence and having spent many years in the entertainment industry.

Wilbroda is said to be pocketing around 300,000 at Milele FM.

Besides her salary, Wilbroda earns an extra income from endorsement deals where brands pay her to advertise their products and services on her social media platforms.

Below is a breakdown of Wilbroda’s net salary and deductions:

BASIC PAY:300,000.00
TAXABLE PAY:298,920.00
INCOME TAX:84,459.36
Insurance (NHIF) Relief:-255.00
Personal Relief:-2,400.00
PAY AFTER TAX:217,115.64
NET PAY:215,415.64

Wilbroda’s Age

Wilbroda was born in the year 1983 on 12th October.

She is 39 but will celebrate her 40th birthday in October this year.

She is among other celebrities who have cared for themselves, making them look younger than their age.

Wilbroda’s Tribe

The radio personality has Luo roots.

However, she was not raised in the Lakeside region but in Langata and Rongai, where she grew up alongside her five sisters and one brother.

Wilbroda’s Husband

Wilbroda was in a come-we-stay marriage some years back, but things did not work out with her then-husband.

The two had a son, but their relationship was rocked with misunderstandings that forced her husband to tell her to pack her things and leave one day.

She revealed in a past interview that it took the late Charles Bukeko, aka Papa Shirandula’s intervention, to calm her husband down and request him to give Wilbroda time to look for a house.

Wilbroda moved out and has been a single mother who has managed to keep her current relationship under wraps.

She lives with her son, whom she co-parents with her ex-husband. 


Wilbroda’s past relationship that bore her a son did not culminate in a wedding.

She keeps her private life off social media, although she has mentioned severally in different interviews that she is open to dating and settling with a man who will embrace her as a single mom and treat her son like his own.

She could be secretly dating and could eventually make things official at the right time, followed by a wedding announcement.

 It is also worth noting that Wilbroda made it clear in an interview with Buzz Central that she doesn’t yearn for another child.

Latest Happenings in Wilbroda’s Life

Wilbroda is fully immersed in her Milele FM radio role but also spares time to attend events occasionally.

She also hangs out with friends like Jacky Vike and Shix Kapyenga, with whom she has been in a friendship since their acting days on Papa Shirandula. 

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