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Why Is Signet Channels Not Showing? Here’s What to Do

Periodically, Kenyans who subscribe to Signet TV channels experience difficulties receiving signals for their decoders.

The case has been so bad that some people have taken to social media and other platforms to express their anger and disappointment with this situation.

While there has been a lot of noise regarding the possible source of the problem, there is little knowledge about the issue with Signet among its many subscribers.

 Some people think it is their set top boxes that have issues while others think the signal service provider is at fault.  

So, What Is The Issue With Signet Channels And How Can It Be Resolved?  

While there has been no official communication regarding this issue, some individuals attribute it to the frequent upgrades on signet channels.

Sometimes back, an official communication was put out by the Signet signal provider informing its users of ongoing upgrades that were likely to affect its signal in Nairobi and its environs.

Due to these upgrades, signet further advised its viewers and customers to catch their favourite channels on other new laid-out frequencies.

These frequencies included:

  • Channel 39  (618 MHZ)
  • Channel 42  (642 MHZ)
  • Channel 47 (682 MHz).

Other Possible Reasons for Signet Signal Loss

While it is easy to assume that the signet signal loss is solely the signal provider’s fault, other factors could possibly be the reason for this disruption.

 For instance, an improper connection to the set top box could possibly cause this issue. Low signal strength could account for signet channels disruption too. 

Therefore, before conclusively believing that the signet signal provider is at fault for the ongoing signet channel loss, first make sure everything is okay from your end.

Start by checking your set top box cable connection and ensure it is okay.  After doing this, proceed to assess the signal strength of your set top box to confirm that it is within the set strong signal limits. 

If upon doing this you still encounter the same issue then that means the problem lies with the signet signal provider.

What to Do About the Signet Channels Problem

If you are still facing the signet channels issues then you need to adopt the advisory that was put out by the signet company.

This means you have to switch to the provided channel frequencies above to continue enjoying the signet channels.

 If you are unable to do so and still relying on the old channels, then you might have to wait longer for a solution as there is none available as of now.  

Notably, the people who have switched to these frequencies are now enjoying their channels without an issue.  

Therefore, switching to the provided channel frequencies can be taken as the ultimate solution to this problem.

That said, should there be any other solution then it will be communicated in due course.

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Wrap Up

The issue of the loss of signet signal across the country has drawn mixed reactions from all Kenyans.

Some people look at this incident as an expose of the signal weakness and why many people should not rely on it while others see it as a normal telecommunications hitch.

Whatever the case, there is general consensus from all Kenyans that a lasting solution to this problem is very necessary at this time.

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