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Where is Spencer Rattler Now?

  • Rattler was a No.1 national quarterback prospect in the class of 2019 and a former five-star rated recruit.
  • He spent three years at Oklahoma and earned honors in 2020.
  • The college football quarterback is set to return to South Carolina for the 2023 season as Dowell Logains comes in as the new offensive coordinator

American football quarterback, Spencer Rattler, is currently playing for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

He announced on January 10, 2023, that he was planning to return to South Carolina for this year’s season, thus effectively bypassing the NFL Draft.

He transferred to South Carolina from the University of Oklahoma in 2021 and played his best football match at the end of that year.

He passed for 792 yards and eight touchdowns with only two interceptions wins against top-10 foes, Tennessee and Clemson, to close the regular football season.

His top receiver, Antwane Wells, AKA “Juice”, also made an announcement on his return to South Carolina for the 2023 season.

Spencer made headlines in sports circles recently after sending a rather unfriendly message to Oklahoma fans telling them to keep him off their mouths.

He further said that he does not want them to claim him now or in the future. The rant followed the emergence of a possibility that the Oklahoma University (OU) fans would claim him once he leaves the college and joins the National Football League.

The American Football sensation, who started his college football career in to gear at the Sooners, quickly rose to fame due to his unmatched prowess at the field.

He has consistently shown great performance with back-to-back wins by the Gamecock over Tennessee and Clemson.

Rattler’s Return to South Carolina

Rattler has already arrived at South Carolina after three consecutive seasons in Oklahoma, where he has played to impress.

The quarterback’s decision to return to South Carolina for the 2023 season caught many people by surprise.

That’s partly because he was seen as a potential early-round pick for the 2023 NFL draft.

However, his imminent return to South Carolina was likely influenced by his desire to keep on developing as a quarterback and help lead the Gamecocks to a successful season in 2023.

Gamecocks fans received the news of Rattler’s return to South Carolina for the 2023 season with excitement. 

The fans have high hopes that he can build on his strong finish to the 2022 season and lead the team to even greater heights in the 2023 season.

Rattler’s comeback also gives the Gamecocks the advantage of enhanced stability at the quarterback position, which is key for any team seeking to compete at a high level.

2024 NFL Quarterback Rankings

Rattler was ranked at number 5 in the preliminary 2024 NFL quarterback rankings by the College Football News Pete Fuitak.

The first four positions were taken by other quarterbacks who have shown strong performance in recent months.

Caleb Williams, Michael Pinix Jr, Drake Maye, and Quin Ewers took the first, second, third, and fourth positions respectively in the rankings.

Caleb hails from Southern California, Michael is from Washington, Drake is from North Carolina and Quin is from Texas.

Rattler and Maye are expected to lock horns at the early stages of the 2023 season at the Bank of America stadium on 2nd September 2023 as the Gamecocks face the Tar Heels in a highly anticipated match.

Rattler is confident of a sterling performance this summer as he believes the Gamecocks have made tremendous improvement during the Spring practice.

The Entry of Dowel Loggain 

In the upcoming season, Dowell Loggain, South Carolina’s new offensive coordinator, expects his team to shine and is confident Rattler will propel the team’s performance with his superb quarterback skills.

Dowell took over after former South Carolina offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield left earlier this year.

Dowell is an experienced football offensive coordinator and is expected to post impressive performances by working collaboratively with Rattler.

Speaking recently at a media briefing, Dowel said that Rattler Spencer’s growth as a star footballer has been steady and can only get better as they work together.

Gamecocks fans are full of optimism that Dowel and Rattler will be a force to reckon with and restore the lost glory at South Carolina.

It will be an interesting time as South Carolina and the nation at large watch what Rattler’s 2023 season will look like after a strong debut season in Columbia.

Many expect a good show from him as he is now considered more experienced and has the privilege of working with Dowell.

With the high-caliber status quarterback Rattler has attained, a new record is possible this season if everything goes well.

Whether or not he joins the NFL draft later this year or next year is also a matter many of his fans will follow with keen interest.

So far he has not said a word regarding the matter but soon, he or his new offensive coordinator could reveal his next big move to South Carolina.

His graduation from college is one of the key moments in determining his place in the NFL in the future.

Also, how long he will stay at the top will determine how much his star shines over the years and the legacy he leaves behind after retirement.

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