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What Does Tom Vitale Do For A Living? 

In our ever-evolving world, people are forced to wear multiple hats to make ends meet and enjoy life’s luxuries.

One such exceptional personality is Tom Vitale. His name resonates with dedication and professionalism and he’s managed to carve his niche in the corporate world.

 Like several successful names, Vitale has a remarkable, thrilling, and inspiring story worth telling.

What Tom Vitale Does For A Living

Tom Vitale is arguably a very successful household name in many US circles.

He is one of the few lucky individuals in the world to make it big.

According to Market Realist, the personality has a net worth of $5 million. This is no mean feat for a man who didn’t come from wealth.

Everything Vitale has is a result of long years of hard work and consistent commitment.

So what, exactly, does the A-lister do?

Tom Vitale can be described as a famous American financial planner, internet personality, TV producer, and entrepreneur.

One of his biggest projects in the entertainment industry is being an executive vice president of original movies and programming at Syfy (formerly the Sci-Fi Channel) as well as Chiller Network.

While there, Vitale was responsible for acquiring and scheduling all programming. He was also in charge of development and commissioning of movies and specials for the mentioned networks.

Vitale has also worked as a producer and co-producer in several films over the years outside of Chiller Network and Syfy.

Apart from working as an executive producer, Tom Vitale is also a successful businessman.

He founded a company named Veebow in 2011 with Edward Leow. The organization was started to help retail merchants and franchises have an easy time running their businesses. The duo has enjoyed massive prosperity in this venture.

Vitale also started his own production, distribution, and consulting company called Vital Signs Entertainment in 2015 and has produced great shows for different networks.

Tom Vitale is also famous for being the ex-husband of the actress, Valerie Bertinelli. The pair were married for 10 years between 2011 and 2021 and often appeared on Bertinnelli’s shows such as Hot in Cleveland and her show Valerie’s Home Cooking. The couple divorced in late 2021.

Tom Vitale’s Career History

Tom Vitale’s successful career goes all the way back.

The financial planner was born on the 15th of August in California. He attended Williams College and attained his finance graduate.

After graduating with honors, Vitale soon embarked on a career in financial planning.

His hard work, educational background, and dedication led him to become a successful financial planner by helping people secure their financial futures.

Afterward, Tom jumped into the entertainment industry to produce films and movies.

He kicked things off on the renowned Page Program at NBC. This was followed by a short stint at Viacom.

He then proceeded to Syfy where he was a part of the team that created the network’s “The Most Dangerous Night of Television.”

During his tenure, Vitale also produced a few more successful movies including “Ice Twisters, Sharktopus, Mansquitto, Lightspeed, and Stan Lee’s Harpies.

After leaving Chiller and Syfy in 2006, Tom Vitale launched Vital Signs Entertainment where he produced Slasher for Netflix, and Pandora.

He was also one of the writers of “You Might Be the Killer” the first ever film developed from a conversation on Twitter.

Just recently, Vitale starred alongside Morgan Freeman and Josh Hutcherson in the film “57 Seconds”

Other Achievements

Besides producing movies and running a business, Tom Vitale is also a notable name in the world of charity.

He’s served as the President of Fieri Manhattan – a cultural and charitable organization in the United States.

In addition, Vitale was Fieri National’s NYS Vice President.

That’s not all – the businessman is also a board member for William College’s William Club.

Talk about giving back and making a lasting impression to your community!

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