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Weather in Kenya in November + Travel Tips (By a Local)

November is one of the months with the highest observances and holidays in the world.

Actually, almost every day of this month has a holiday, celebration, or awareness in different countries across the globe.

It is also the month with Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Surely, it is a month close to many hearts.

Today, we look at another reason as to why November is a great month: the perfect time to take a vacation to the best safari destination in the world, Kenya.

Let’s start with the weather factor.

What’s The Weather Like In Kenya In November?

Kenya experiences an average temperature ranging from highs of 27°C to lows of 14°C. However, these numbers vary from month to month.

The month of November falls under one of Kenya’s rainy seasons, commonly referred to as ‘Vuli,’ which is characterized by short rains.

The table below is a detailed summary of each of the weather elements.

 NairobiCoastal RegionWestern Region
Temperature AverageHighs 24°CLows 16°CHighs 30°CLows 20°CHighs 29°CLows 17°C
Relative Humidity75%81%70%
CloudClear skies or partly cloudy for 44% of the dayClear skies or partly cloudy for 35%Clear skies or partly cloudy for 46%
SunriseFrom 06:12 amFrom 05:58 amFrom 06:23 am
SunsetFrom 06:22 pmFrom 06:13 pmFrom 18:30 am
Wind SpeedAverage of 14km/hAverage of 9km/hAverage of 9km/h
UV Index677

Why Visit Kenya in November

November is the best time to visit Kenya before all the holiday craziness starts.

Soon all the beaches and parks will be filled with students and families, making November the perfect time to end your year in style. You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and quiet vacation.

Though close to the end of the year, this month only has a handful of tourists coming in. This is because with Thanksgiving coming up, people opt to stay back home and celebrate the holiday with their families and loved ones.

 This also means that the last week of November is quite busy and crowded in countries that uphold this tradition.

And since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Kenya, taking a vacation is the best getaway from all the chaos in terms of traffic and crowds.

There are also two events that take place in Kenya in November to look forward to, ones that I will discuss later in this article.

What of the weather?

The short rains in November in Kenya really are not a cause for concern. It rains a few days of the month and lasts for a short while.

November is relatively warm, so the clouds clear up and the sun dries the water pretty fast.

The mornings are usually bright and sunny, providing the perfect time to juice up on some vitamin D.

In most cases, we only experience the rains anywhere from late in the afternoon to late nights.

And since the sky is mostly clear, it’s quite easy to know when it’s going to rain in advance.

What to Do and Places to Visit

Kenya is one country where you can never run short of things to do.

The wet season might hinder you from enjoying nature walks, hiking, and game viewing, but you can still enjoy visiting our national reserves and conservancies.

The best park to visit is the Maasai Mara National Reserve to catch the end of the wildebeest migration as they cross the River Mara.

You can also extend your visit and enjoy a game safari and catch a glimpse of a less busy park full of green vegetation.

The coastal region is another great place to be in November.

If you visit early enough, you can participate in Kenya’s grandest and most colorful event, the Mombasa Carnival.

Late in the month, you can also partake in the Lamu Cultural Festival. Both of these events are packed with physical activities that you can engage in, from dancing to donkey races.

Being close to the beach also has the advantage of enjoying marine life.

For divers, this month offers the prime opportunity to encounter various shark species, including the majestic whale shark, swift shortfin mako, and awe-inspiring blue whale, alongside playful dolphins and graceful turtles.

Major Events in November

Notable November Festivals and Events in Kenya include:

I. Mombasa Carnival Festival

This is the largest celebrated festival in Kenya, held annually at the beginning of the month of November.

It is the only carnival in the world that is celebrated at the end of the year.

This is an action-packed event that engages people from all over the world.

Visit Kenya in November to enjoy the most colorful celebration and learn a bit about our history.

Learn more here: Mombasa Carnival: Ultimate Guide to Kenya Coast’s Largest Party

II. Lamu Cultural Festival

This annual festival takes place in Lamu in the last week of November, sometimes crossing over to a day or two in December.

The people of Lamu together with Kenyans at large join in celebrating the Swahili heritage and share in the Swahili cultural richness.

A variety of activities and games are prepared to make the festival an unforgettable experience.

III. Wildebeest Migration

This is yet another event that takes place in late October to early November at the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Over 1.5 million wildebeests are seen crossing the Mara River on their way back to the Serengeti National Park.

 This cycle happens several times a year and is often regarded as one of the wonders of the world.

 It is the greatest migration in the world that you wouldn’t want to miss.

IV. Divali

This is the biggest holiday for Indians in Kenya. The dates vary from year to year, but it mostly plays between October to mid-November.

Indians in Kenya celebrate this holiday by setting up streets and malls with their culinary skills.

 Even non-Indians participate in this festival by enjoying Indian food tasting sessions.

What to Pack & Wear

Though November is a warm month, I would suggest you come prepared for a few rainy days. Have some fleece jackets, a small umbrella and maybe a light hooded rain coat just in case.

But overall you can pack light, depending on the activities you intend to participate in.

Carry some sundresses, shorts, and light tops or blouses.

For men, t-shirts, shorts, and light pants will do. Don’t worry, you’ll have the raincoat or umbrella as a backup in case it rains.

Again, November is warm. So be sure to carry a hat, a sombrero/cap, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen since the UV index can be a bit high at times.

If you are afraid of the violent UV rays like me, you can carry long-sleeved shirts or blouses and pants to wear when it gets too hot. Make sure they are light though.

If you will be spending some time in the water, be it at the beach or swimming pool, carry your bikini set and swimming costumes.

You can choose what type of footwear to pack, but to be safe, carry at least one pair that can serve you in the rain or mud.

Crowds: How Busy Is November in Kenya

November is a relatively busy month in Kenya, considering that it is close to the end of the year.

Places where the above-mentioned events are held tend to be extremely crowded during the occasions, especially in Mombasa and Lamu.

Once the festivals end, everything goes back to normal and the streets are much quieter.

In other parts, however, people are mostly preoccupied with their day-to-day routines, preparing to take their breaks in December.

November has no shortage of tourists on average. Some prefer to enjoy their vacations right before the peak season that starts in December.

 Still, hotels and resorts only start to crowd up towards the end of the month, but you can still enjoy your vacation peacefully without any crowd inconveniences.

Final Verdict: Is November Good To Visit Kenya?

Even though the month falls in one of Kenya’s wet seasons, it is still a great month to visit Kenya.

You can participate in the most joyous festivals of our country, and maybe stand a chance to see the great wildebeest migration.

The month also lies in the low seasons of Kenyan tourism, so you can enjoy great deals at almost everything, from flights to accommodation, and park visits to game safaris.

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