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Sabrina Simader Bio: Inspiring Sports Equality and Environmental Justice

Sabrina Simader is a well-known athlete, and advocate.

A Kenyan-born Austrian, she has become a figurehead for change on and off the slopes.

 Besides representing Kenya at the Winter Olympics, she has taken part in various major international competitions. 

But her impact extends far beyond the world of sports as she is passionate about advocating for a better environment and sports equality.

Using her activism, she has inspired many young people around the world to stand up for what they believe in and fight for a better future.

 Here’s a closer look at Sabrina Simader’s life and achievements as well as her journey from a young girl with a dream to a powerful voice for positive change.

Profile summary of Sabrina Simader

·         Full Name: Sabrina Wanjiku Simader

·         Age: 25 years

·         Nationality: Kenyan

·         Education: N/A

·         Parents: Sarah Simader

·         Height: 173 CM

·         Occupation: Ski racer

·         Years active: 2017- present

·         Net worth: 1 million -5 million

Sabrina Simader’s Early Life and Background

Sabrina was born in a small village in Kilifi, Mombasa Kenya in 1998 where her parents met unanticipated and fell in love.

 Sabrina’s mother, a Kenyan and an Austrian stepdad, moved with her to Austria when she was just three years old and settled in the town of Annenberg.

According to a past interview, Sabrina said her stepfather introduced her to Alpine skiing and since then her interest in the sport only grew stronger.

 She became the first black woman and downhill skier to represent Kenya at Winter Olympics.

 She told the media that had it not for her parents’ unexpected meeting, it would be unlikely that she would be ski racing.

Her journey to Becoming a skiing champion

Sabrina’s journey to becoming a professional skier was made possible by her stepfather who owned a ski lift and trained her when she was a child.

She developed her love of skiing in the mountains, thanks to her stepdad.

Despite this, she admitted it was not an easy journey. Having been the only black female competitor in the sport, it was a challenging situation.

There were many people who doubted her ability to ski as a black person.

She felt lonely at some point and felt as if she was in the wrong sport.

Because of the encouragement from her family, coach, and friends, she stay focused and began achieving great results.

Her Achievements in Skiing

Sabrina’s achievements in skiing are nothing short of impressive.

She has notably represented Kenya in several international competitions such as the 2016 and 2018 Winter Olympics.

She is well-known as the first Kenyan skier to have ever competed in Winter Olympics, and her presence has helped to raise the profile of African winter sports.

Sabrina Advocacy Work for African Representation in Winter Sports

For too long, winter sports have been dominated by athletes from Europe and North America, while African athletes have been largely excluded from these events.

Sabrina’s achievements in skiing, therefore, have helped to bring attention to African representation in winter sports.

She has been a vocal advocate for greater African representation in winter sports.

While working with organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and the African Ski Federation, Sabrina has taken part in promoting skiing in Africa, as well as providing greater opportunities for African athletes to compete in international events.

Her presence in the skiing community has also helped to promote greater diversity and inclusion of people from different backgrounds.

Her hard work and determination have broken barriers and now other athletes of color compete at the highest level in the Olympics.

Her role in Activism for Social and Environmental Justice

Following her exemplary performance at the Olympic Games in 2018, Sabrina was appointed the first UN’s first Mountain Hero to promote awareness of emerging environmental issues such as climate change, waste, and loss of biodiversity especially in the mountain regions.

While at the helm of environmental advocacy, she encouraged positive environmental change to curb the impact of climate change.

 She spoke about how glaciers retreat and threaten species such as the iconic snow leopard.

She used her voice to call for greater action to end the illegal wildlife trade.

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