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Melody Sinzore’s Salary (plus Exclusive Biography)

One of the unique traits shared by the two ladies hosting Citizen radio’s weekday morning show (Melody and Jeridah) is that they have managed to keep their personal life as private as possible.

This habit has earned them significant respect and is used as an example to all female celebrities on the importance of setting boundaries regarding what needs to be publicized and what needs to remain private.

Let’s take a closer look at Melody Sinzore by providing exclusive information on some of her secrets.

Melody Sinzore’s Personal Background

Although her age, parents, siblings, and ethnic background are among the details she hasn’t publicized, I can confirm that she was born on 20th May 1988 (according to her Facebook birthday posts).

Therefore, she is currently 34 years old and is a Luhya from the Abaluhya’s Bukusu sub-tribe.

Melody Sinzore’s Educational Background

She has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication (journalism) from UON (the University of Nairobi).

When it comes to her primary and secondary background, I’m sure you already know the answer by now; she hasn’t revealed it.

Marital Background and Current Status

There’s a high possibility that you saw a trending clip taken from Citizen FM’s studios in 2019, showing Melody and her popular comedian co-host, Mwala, engaged in a confrontation.  

From the video, Mwala seems to be harassing the beautiful presenter asking her why she denies being his ‘wife.’

He was trying to prank their show’s listeners by stating that Melody was his spouse; unfortunately, she didn’t like it and denied the claims while they were on air.

This outright rejection frustrated Mwala, and as soon as they took a commercial break, he angrily approached Melody, trying to grab her while asking, ‘are you my wife or not?’

Their boss and main host, Jeridah, rescued Melody from Mwala’s attack.

She pulled Mwala away, telling him to stop implying that the young presenter is his wife since she is single and searching, and such statements may discourage potential suitors.

Although he later apologized to her, some cunning content creators have edited the video to show clips of Mwala calling her his wife and the parts where he refers to her as sweetheart to imply that she is his spouse.

Therefore, it’s essential to note that she isn’t married.

Although she occasionally posts pictures holding kids with suggestive captions, she doesn’t have a child either.

Melody Sinzore’s Professional Background and Salary

Before she joined Radio Citizen, where she is a co-host on the station’s weekday breakfast show ‘Jambo Kenya’ airing at 6 -10 AM, she was an intern at the national broadcasting station (KBC) in 2010.

She landed an intern position at KBC radio after completing her journalism studies.

Although it’s still unclear when she left the station, she made a debut on national airwaves after Joyce wa Gituro and Wilbroda left Citizen FM in 2018.

The duo was replaced by Jeridah Andayi, the main host, while Mwala and Melody act as the co-hosts of Jambo Kenya’s weekday morning show.

Melody’s talent, beautiful looks, charismatic character, and melodious voice have enabled her to gain a loyal following among Kenyans.

Their show is among the most listened-to morning radio programs in the country.

She also has a substantial following on her social media pages.

For instance, her official Facebook account has 862,000 followers, while her Instagram account has 101,000 followers.

This massive following have enabled her to attract some reputable corporate companies in need of influential Kenyan personalities to market and advertise their goods/services.

According to her social media platforms, she currently runs promotional adverts for Zenka (a mobile lending company) and Shabiki.com (a sports gambling and betting company).

 It enables her to earn a decent income (the exact amount still unknown) from these side hustles.

By now, you already know that her salary as a co-host on Citizen FM is also a mystery.

Fortunately, I’ve done my research (well, that’s my job)…

According to reliable sources, the gorgeous and talented presenter is believed to earn a decent monthly salary of Ksh.300,000 from the station.

Considering her limited previous experience in the media industry and age, she is among the country’s highly-paid new and young media personalities. However, her talent and massive influence justify the wages.

Below is a comprehensive outline of her net pay per the latest KRA calculations.

Gross Pay 300,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 297,220
PAYE 82,383.35
Net Pay 214,836.65

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Melody Sinzore

Melody Sinzore Is From Which County?

Although her parents’ background and current residence are unknown, Melody was born and raised in Kenya; hence it’s safe to conclude that she is a Kenyan.

Is Melody Sinzore a Luhya?

According to reliable sources and the fact that her surname is derived from the Abaluhya tribe (Bukusu sub-tribe), Melody can be classified as a Luhya.

Is Melody Sinzore Married?

Despite the rumor associated with the radio personality that she is Mwala’s wife, Melody is single and has never been married to the comedian or any other person.

Melody Sinzore’s Contacts

The only way to reach Melody if you don’t have her number is through her social media platforms.

Her official social media pages are;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100044367971984  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodysinzore/ 

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